Episode 155 – Ghoul Filled Basement

Hello everyone! Big week, big week. Spelunky 2! HITMAN! Board Games! Tips! Hot Tips! Extra Life previews!


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Episode 154 – Growing Four Balls

Another certified banger. Dave gets everyone caught up with his daughter’s broken arm, and the guys debate the pros and cons of Hospital Sex. A lot more than that but I have to get on a plane in two minutes so this is all you get.

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Episode 153 – Gasping For Breath

After a two week break the bois are back with a vengeance…or at least a podcast, they brought a mediocre podcast.

They talk about broken bones, Gion Matsuri, 5k races and much, much more.

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Episode 152 – Guarding For Burglars

CCGesus is back with a vengeance…or at least a bunch of stories. Darryl gets everyone caught up on what Hurricane Irma was like in his neck of the woods, a harrowing tale of Suburban Burgling, his PAX experience, and a round up of video and board games.

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Episode 151 – Giant Fricking Basilisks

Post hurricane we’re happy to report that CCGesus and family emerged largely unscathed, but they aren’t out of the woods yet so Dave is joined by CCG Kelly Wallick for a PAX recap, stress-coping mechanisms, X12 talk, Godzilla, and Laditime (which isn’t what you probably think it is, sadly).

3:00 – Dave tries to get Kelly to burn her new bed and buy into the Sleep Number system.

11:00 – Dave and Kelly recap PAX, including the Team GFB Radio meet-up (which was rad). Pack a lunch, this is a big segment.

44:00 – Dave talks about his “coach” for a bit, in case you’re wondering who he’ll blame when everything goes to shit. Kelly also talks about her nascent podcast.

50:45 – Dave is rolling out to TGS, Kelly plugs her Indie Mega Show that’s Wednesday night. Come out and say hi!

57:35 – In a new segment, Kelly reviews some movies using The Raid 2 scale.

1:10:30 – Dave and Kelly answer a mail from Tudor from Toronto (WORLDWIDE), and dish out some advice on dealing with stress.

Episode 150 – Getting Fat Biscuits

Dave is joined by Kahlief Adams wherein they discuss Kah’s show Spawn on Me, Flat Earthers, Destiny 2, Madden, NBA 2K and a few other random things here and there, that, in the event there were bespoke show notes to accompany this episode, would no doubt be dutifully cataloged by this intrepid writer.



Episode 149 – Let’s Rank It! 3, PAX West 2017

Let’s Rank It!

In the 3rd Edition of Let’s Rank it (which we crushed by the way), we overcame myriad technical difficulties to bring you this archive. Enjoy the show.

  • 1) #MonetizeTeens
  • 1.5) Ric Flair
  • 2) Fire Emoji
  • 2.5) Having a row to yourself on an airplane, no matter where on the plane it is, even if its by the bathroom and Adam Boyes backs up the toilet
  • 3) Uber blazing Nasty Boys after a pretty 100 day
  • 3.10) You’re dreading going to this thing with a friend, and at the last minute they cancel on you.
  • 3.11) PUSHA-T YEUGH
  • 3.15) The “Text Me” Hat that Dave wears (get it everyone has his phone number).
  • 3.18) Max Verstaapen has a major mechanical breakdown in front of his hometown fans and they cry tears that Dave uses to wash down his Pomme Frites with Mayo because they don’t know about ketchup they are savages
  • 3.33345) You write a ton of code, and it compiles the first time with no warnings
  • 4) Caffeinated Mints
  • 4.278) You wake up after a great night’s sleep, it was great, and your mom, who loves you, is making you your fave breakfast
  • 4.3) You got to a midnight viewing, for your favorite franchise and you are the only one there, which rules because we are loaners and don’t like people I’m going to die alone
  • 4.5) A business zinger that kills the deal, but man, was it funny
  • 5) Spaceballs the Movie
  • 5.5) You order an HDMI off of Amazon but instead of getting one you get a pallete that you can flip at the flea market not ebay the feds are watching
  • 6) Airplane The Movie even with the guys who speak Jive
  • 6.5) Haunted Mansion
  • 7) Nutella it’s gdlk
  • 7.0000001) The first sip from a perfectly chilled Coke, and it’s hot out and you need it
  • 7.4) Rum and Coke you thought was chilled water
  • 7.5) The crispy top of a blueberry muffin, and spell checking
  • 7.75) Star Trek Voyager, the entire series
  • 8) Knife Truck that actually exists
  • 9) Gameboy Sound on startup
  • 9.00011) You get stuck on it’s a small world for 20 min with no music by the Polynesian section of the ride. No music is a huge factor in this being as high as it is.
  • 9.1) The concept of diversity
  • 9.111111) A fresh squeezed glass of OJ that is a little too much to drink, but you like it regardless.
  • 9.12) Being trapped on Pirates for an hour with someone who turns into a girlfriend but someone else is on the ride so it’s not that great.
  • 9.34) Your phone drops, flat on its face, you pick it up to find the screen twist isn’t shattered
  • 9.5) The smell of electronics heating up, wafting into your nostrils
  • 10) Keytar Scrub not showing up and letting Pope blast it out on stage (not his quads)
  • 11) Ice Cream Truck
  • 11.5) Pokemon Go, and you find your friend is on your team unexpectedly
  • 12) Stupid Dog stares at you and it doesn’t even know you or care about you, you need professional help
  • 13) Tipping and exerting influence and power over fellow man
  • 14) Best Taco Bell you’ve ever had aka Friday
  • 14.5) Small fidget spinner that Jeff put in his mouth
  • 15) Numbered List In Word not cheap ass google docs or clones
  • 16) Windjammers (the sequel you will never), ever get I hate you
  • 17) D12 not the rap group
  • 18) Rookie of The Year and that handsome lead actor who tapped Tara Reid
  • 18.5) Tokyo Drift II3 it sucks
  • 18.6) Your friend leaves your WoW guild because you can’t keep up with his level, and then a month from now his ass gets banned for gold farming, just his ass.
  • 19) Default iPhone Alarm noise aka wake up youre late
  • 19.25) having to go potty, but you’re ensconsed in a warm bed on a cold night, you run to bathroom and tinkly, but then you jump back in bed and have to warm up again.
  • 19.5) Darth Vader with two cats
  • 19.55) Karma via a co-worker shitting on you but then you get the scoop on them and all the co-workers get what’s going on
  • 19.6) Bad Grouch That’s A Green Cookie Monster and has fucked eyes and stuffing that’s bad for you don’t eat it
  • 19.667876) Headlock on the reg, but man the dude smells good for once, which is a nice twist
  • 19.670) You get a CD in PUBG but you died with zero kills and Dan Rykert was on the team, and also gets a win without contributing and that sucks
  • 19.713) You need an aux cord and you borrow one, it’s too short but it works and you can’t help but feel ungrateful that you were mad at it’s length, even for a fleeting moment
  • 19.75) photo called “A Group of Teens Dabbing”
  • 19.9) Food being cold at a restaurant, getting a new one, and a half-off discount.
  • 20) 3rd party off brand ass controllers even the good ones
  • 21) Felix’s Talky Dentist
  • 22) Having to go with button fly jeans at PAX and two stalls are broken
  • 22.5) accidentally drinking 3 pulls of vodka when you are hungover, and have been puking.
  • 22.75) Snakes on a Plane, The PAX Edition with props but the movie still sucks
  • 23) Turn on the Fog Machine
  • 23.5) Adam Boyes trying to buy his way to the front of the line only to get shut down in the face of needing to offer gainful employment
  • 23.75) Weaing a tee shirt that says “Free Moustache Rides” to work, but inside out, thus ruining your goof and then ppl goof on you so bad and dunk on you so you need to quit but really you loved that job a lot and you regret that day so very deeply.
  • 24) Smashing teeth while smashing
  • 24.5) Having a catch phrase, period, and then on top of that it being “Kachow!”
  • 24.75) An unexpected $82 bill from the Sheraton in Seattle for dry cleaning
  • 25) San Fran aka my personal hell
  • 25.5) Dropping an atomic bomb in a co-workers toilet at a party; toilet overflows; your new nickname at work is “Ass Load McGee”
  • 25.7) The picachu official bus pass holder, and it’s his butt and its horrifying literally the worst thing I’ve ever seen. “It’s a Hellscape” – Jeff from Petaluma
  • 25.9) dumb cats making dumb noises, they don’t have intent they don’t have brains just nerve centers
  • 25.91) Being confused as shit when you buy water, and it says it’s non-gluten free, meaning it’s got glue or some shit in it? Glue is gluten right?
  • 26) Not having sex
  • 26.25) Getting shit on by a bird while looking at someone you admire, but you both just kind of go with it.
  • 26.5) Taking a drink and getting a surprise cig in your mouth; being embarrassed in front of the other hunters
  • 27) Red Wedding which we didn’t see so hopefully its not rad
  • 29) Getting Roppongi’d over and over again and justifying it was a business expense
  • 29.5) Cliff diving your way to a hemmeriod which I cant spell
  • 30) Your teeth get bodied at Burger King by a single French fry
  • 30.5) Your peacefully taking a dump, probably looking at your phone or some shit minding your own business, then this dude kicks the door open, pukes on you and punches you in the face into a coma
  • 31) Almost losing your arm, and also, by the way, not getting to go to culinary school and losing a lot of money kind of maybe
  • 31.5) Mario Party Infinity
  • 31.75) Bust a Move, the Young MC Song not the video game
  • 32) JV being a world class dick to someone he claims to be a good friend, neigh, brother. Why would you do that to me? Why?


PAX West 2017 Meetup Info – Goosh Fabulous Brews

Hey all, we’ve locked in plans for the Meetup. It’s going to be at Box House starting at 9p, Saturday 9/2. Darryl, me, and (hopefully) other panelists will head over immediately after the panel so if you get there and don’t see any friendly faces don’t worry, we’re on the way.

It’s about 1 mile away from there Sheraton, so 5 minutes via Lyft or 20 minutes via walking (GET YOUR STEPS UP).

We’ve made some loose plans with the owner. We will be on the first floor of the bar, and either go to the VIP room or just slam some tables together (depending on turnout). Hope to see everyone there to Goosh Fabulous Brews.

Episode 148 – Germans Flinging Bratwursts

This is a short, Pre-PAX edition of Team GFB Radio.

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