Episode 72 – Let’s Rank It!

This is a heartfelt edition of Team GFB Radio. We laughed. We cried. We planned a wedding for a stranger.

Dave starts by going over the latest Iron Galaxy Mandatory Fun Company Bender, wherein he watched Pacific Rim in the office with Ramon asleep next to him at five in the morning. The guys both started and, get this, finished (!) OXENFREE and have some spoiler-free thoughts on it. Dave has some musings on the show to this point, and Darryl doesn’t seem to appreciate them. Darryl gets Dave up to speed on the world of Lego Dimensions, and there’s some more Ori and Max and the Cursed Brotherhood talk before the guys roll into emails.

There were a lot of emails this week, and they were all good, but one stood out. It’s the one wherein the guys know how they will rebrand Team GFB Radio. Finally.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 72 – Let’s Rank It!

Original Air Date: January 22nd, 2016

1:50 – It’s the first ever “Team GFB Radio Darryl Carries The Show Minute”

2:30 – Dave details IG Chicago’s latest Mandatory Fun Company Bender.

10:00 – Spoiler-free OXENFREE chat! Huzzah!

22:10 – The OXENFREE chat is over. The guys shout out @DOPEITSTOM and his Sarah Palin Vine.

24:00 – Darryl has a Boom Boom revelation.

25:00 – Dave has had some thoughts about the show and its format.

29:45 – Dave details Ultimate Guys’ Weekend with his son. Darryl professes his love for Max and the Cursed Brotherhood.

37:00 – Darryl talks about Lego Dimensions for a bit.

40:00 – Frank wants to know what someone with lots of programming experience in another field should know about getting into games.

43:50 – Thomas from Sweden offers up our first GFB with onomatopoeia, and has questions about VR headgear sizes, and has some questions about music sampling which we can’t answer. Dave also mentions this Soundcloud.

48:00 – Peter gets engaged, and wants the guys to help design his wedding, and the guys come up with a great idea for a podcast rebranding.

1:05:15 – And “Let’s Rank It!” is born.

2 thoughts on “Episode 72 – Let’s Rank It!”

  1. Thank you Dave! (Worldwiiiide) I threw some feelers out and found a surprise contact that can hook me up with a PSVR testing opportunity when the units arrive. I’m a certified giant in this country, finding shoes that fit and don’t feel like a vice is a once in a blue moon affair even at sporting goods stores.

    I was around for one serious scare of Big Lawyers coming in on a friends project in 2011, nothing happened but they’ve been tighter about risks ever since. Investigating the sampling deal further.

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