GFB Prime Time Presents: The Raid 2

Grab your beverage of choice, find your copy of The Raid 2, and start punching the nearest wall because it’s time to get hype! Rewatch the best movie of 2014 while listening to this commentary track from your friends from #TeamGFB Radio.

We recorded this to the digital version, which you can get here if you need it. The Raid 2

During the commentary Dave and Darryl mention several supplemental online videos, here are some links to those:

Pre-Vis, Prison Yard fight:

Pre-Vis, Kitchen Fight:

Making Of, Part 1:

Making Of, Part 2:

Deleted Scene (Getting Arrested):

Deleted Scene (Funeral):

Deleted Scene (Marketplace):

Deleted Scene (Gang War):

Deleted Scene (Investigation):

Deleted Scene (Getting Ready):

2 thoughts on “GFB Prime Time Presents: The Raid 2”

  1. What a lovely New Year surprise. Nice of them to put all those extras online too, hope that doesn’t hurt their blu-ray sales.

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