Episode 99 – Inappropriate Selfies

Please take a moment to delight in this week’s show pic that Darryl created. Take a moment to soak it up, and then catalog what mistakes you’ve made in your life to get you to this exact moment.

Newly appointed CEO of Iron Galaxy, Adam Boyes, joins the guys this week. Will he be on next week? Will he appear ever again? Would he eat a Big Mac if he found one in his Fiat? Who can say?

Team GFB Radio – Episode 99 – Inappropriate Selfies

Original Air Date: AugustĀ 1st, 2016

2:50 – Dave and Darryl welcome Iron Galaxy CEO Adam Boyes to this week’s show.

5:30 – After the guys hit “stop record” on last week’s show, Dave discovered something…unfortunate, and Adam tells the story about his son’s potty mouth.

9:50 – Adam talks about his brother’s wedding. Mistakes were made.

17:10 – The guys talk about Adam joining IG, and how Darryl found out about everything, and they talk about how they unveiled the news to the studio.

28:00 – Adam jumps into GFB with both feet, and tells a travel story (yes, he’s a big baby just like Dave).

39:35 – Brief talk about the Witness, which Dave co-opts into a story about how his kid is smarter than he is.

46:40 – Dave tests Adam’s knowledge of GFB lore.

51:25 – The guys do an email! James from MN wants to know any rituals the guys have after they ship a game.



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