Episode 96 – This Is How You Bit Summit

No CCGesus this week, but Lang’s got a banger of a road show for your audio canals live from Kyoto, Japan. WORLDWIDE, worldwide, etc.

Lang talks with Gio Corsi (@giocorsi) and Brian Silva (@bigc_33) from Sony PlayStation, Chris Charla (@iocat) from ID @ Xbox, and John Davis (@p0rk1ns) from Indie Megabooth. They talk about Bit Summit the 4th, Kyoto, and Lang tries to get everyone to attack each other with little success.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 96 – This Is How You Bit Summit

Original Air Date: July 11th, 2016

1:15 – Lang and Friend of the Show Gio Corsi chop it up.

10:15 – Lang and once-mentor of Lang, Chris Charla, get down to brass tacks.

22:30 – Lang takes on the Life’s Blood of Sony PlayStation, Brian Silva, and they swap war stories.

31:55 – Lang and The Ambassador of the Dirty South, John Davis, get very close to breaking out a cypher.

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