Episode 83 – The Best Day Of The Internet

Hey, you! Yes, you! The one person who gives a fuck about these bespoke, hand-crafted show notes! I would have much preferred to go to bed, but instead stayed up to get this done for you. Hope you enjoy it.

Hey! Where are you going? You barely glanced over here…no way you read all these Show Notes.

Wow. So that’s how it is? You treating me like I’m a fucking ghost now? Like I’m not even here?

*Three Hours Pass*

Okay, listen, I get it. I made that weird. I got way too tight about the show notes.

It’s just that after the last couple weeks I thought you cared.

*Two more hours pass*

It’s just that…

I don’t….

*Yet two more hours pass*

I don’t know what to think anymore

*An hour goes by*

*You get a text message from a number you don’t recognize*

What are you wearing?

Team GFB Radio – Episode 83 – The Best Day Of The Internet

Original Air Date: April 11th, 2016


1:30 – The guys get their APMs up, re: lack of show notes.

3:15 – Dave gushes about Rainbow Six: Siege for a hot minute.

10:15 – Dave talks about the Greatest Night Ever on the Internet.

14:00 – Dave dives back into MMOs, finds them “good enough”

16:50 – Heroes of the Dorm? More like Heroes of the …… oh man I wish I thought this through ahead of time.

21:30 – It’s the first, and hopefully last, Team GFB Radio Intervention. Lang gives Wisner some #ToughLove.

23:15 – First email, Chris from Wyoming wants to stack rank some of the worst things in Team GFB Radio lore.

24:45 – Ben from Glasgow (Worldwide) is studying HR stuff, and wants to know some stuff about business. GET IN LINE, BEN! Lang may go off on Iron Galaxy Orlando for being nerds in the process.

30:30 – TJ From Chicago wants to know about Dave’s online nicknames and Darry’s BB8 Droid. This answer devolved into a review of the Rouge One trailer. Dave also talks about that time he applied for a job at Bungie.

43:30 – Barbados Slim has a shitty job, crummy friends, and wants to know how to avoid this situation in the future. We don’t have much, but we do appreciate his Snaps.

49:25 – Alex, who possesses such poor judgment as to put Darryl above Dave, wants to know where Wreckateer lives in the Greatest Financial Boondoggle rank. Fuck you, Alex.

52:55 – Shadlyn Wolfe is granted The Elite Few status. Just like that. Hold that, nerds.


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  1. Oh man, I had the dumbest email coming out of school that I was lucky somebody decided to hire me then make fun of my email instead of just ignoring the address and resume. If they hadn’t mentioned it I probably wouldn’t have seen it as an issue until a lot later. After that I regularly asked people about their email when they talked about their post school job search and kept others from making the same mistake. Hopefully kids are a lot smarter about that today than 10 years ago. Or maybe that’s a part of a #brand now?

    -Rocklin listener
    -Wreckateer owner

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