Episode 78 – CCGs In The House

It’s a Lang-only show, but instead of panicking Dave called in some favors and got some CCGs lined up for what is, without a doubt, the Greatest Episode of All Time (also the longest episode of all time for those scoring at home).

Dave starts off with a DICE summary with Playstation’s Adam Boyes. The guys talk about DICE itself, after hours stuff, and the now infamous Friday night at Omnia. No phone numbers were tweeted out during this segment.

Then, Dave welcomes travel bestie Kelly Wallick to the show to discuss travel, specifically to Japan. They debate the merits of Tokyo and Kyoto, and try to get everyone excited enough about Japan to book a trip there immediately.

After that Dave chats with Justin Woodward about lots of stuff, but mostly his company’s new game that’s up on fig.co right now. This game is CCG approved.

Dave rounds out this monster of an episode with a grip of emails before passing out in a heap on the floor.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 78 – CCGs In The House

Original Air Date: March 4th, 2016

2:00 – We welcome Playstation’s Adam Boyes to the show to talk DICE shenanigans.

4:30 – The guys try to explain what DICE is all about.

7:00 – The guys talk about when Adam took Dave to DICE for the first time, and talk DICE after hours.

11:30 – A lengthy retelling of the Greatest Night of All Time. There’s a heavyweight championship belt and Denver Broncos involved.

37:45 – Dave welcomes Kelly Wallick of Indie MegaBooth and IGF fame.

39:00 – Kelly talks about her history with Japan, and how she got screwed out of a Japanese passport.

41:25 – Kelly talks about how she gained some language fluency (for travel purposes only).

51:20 – Dave and Kelly talk about Tokyo and Kyoto. THEY ARE SO DIFFERENT YOU GUYS YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT.

54:15 – A brief digression about manners and customs when visiting Japan.

59:35 – Dave and Kelly debate the strengths and weaknesses of the food/drink situation in both Tokyo and Kyoto.

1:03:55 – Dave and Kelly plan an itinerary for a first time visitor’s trip to Japan.

1:06:25 – Dave welcomes Interabang Entertainment’s Justin Woodward to the show.

1:07:50 – Justin gets everyone up to speed with Interabang’s history and what they’re up to.

1:19:30 – Justin starts talking about his new project, which is up on Fig right now. SPOILER ALERT IT’S BANANAS.

1:26:00 – Justin talks about his other project, the MIX (Media/Indie Exchange).

1:33:00 – Dave kicks off a lengthy email segment in a vain attempt to make this Darryl-less show the longest episode of all time.

2 thoughts on “Episode 78 – CCGs In The House”

  1. Interesting segment with Kelly, excellent podcast overall thank you!

    I believe more in learning spoken language through immersion rather than having one teacher with one voice and accent serve as the example to learn from, which is what I hear in Andrew House’s Japanese voice which is all fine but has a little unnatural tone to it?

    Begiragons Vending Machine Game (youtube) is a must-see for those of you interested in those machines and how many of them there are, and regarding Korean you guys are DAEBAK.

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