Episode 76 – Clip Show II: Clippy’s Revenge

This is rad. We didn’t get to do a show this week so some community members made a clip show.

Thanks for @elcaminodino and @alecgwin and anyone else for making this happen. Super cool!

Team GFB Radio – Episode 76 – Lang’s Ballin’ Outta Control

Original Air Date: February 19th, 2016

Big shoutout to /u/ElcaminoDino, who did most of the legwork. He did a fantastic job!

Thank you to /u/KonradHarlan and /u/scallycap12 for the suggestions!


Show Notes

0:00 The show is late. Episode 73 – Ride the Snail

1:36 The Phone Number Incident. Episode 44 – The Day the Phone Number Died

8:30 Da-da? Episode 68 – The Son of Big Breakfast (?)

10:31 Kessler Interview. Episode 66 – Team GFB Presents: Dave Lang and the CCG All-Star Spectacular

18:28 JV Apologizes. Episode 58 – Team GFB Welcomes John Vignocchi

21:40 Get Iced Boi. Episode 45 – Ice to Meet You

22:35 Russian Twitter Followers, Adam Boyes story. Episode 57 – Together Again

36:11 Sexy Time pt.II Episode 64 – Free Play, All Day

39:55 The Club Whisperer. Episode 75 – Sad Taco

44:08 Harris Foster, Stack Ranking Email. Episode 73 – Ride the Snail

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  1. From making a clip show to other people making one for you. Not sure if this is an improvement or a regression.

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