Episode 75 – Sad Taco

Wow, where to even start.

What an episode. Just packed with stuff. Lot’s of stuff. Stuff.

The dudes talk about Valentine’s Day, Chicago Pizza shaped like hearts, PAX East plans, and DICE before getting into Dave’s weekend in Santa Rosa, CA with friends of the show Adam Boyes and John Vignocchi. Some stuff went down.

After that the guys talk Super Bowl, The Witness, video game biz dev analytic tools and the first ever GFB Play Date before shutting down the show with some great emails. Huzzah, what a ride!

Team GFB Radio – Episode 75 – Sad Taco

Original Air Date: February 12th, 2016

2:25 – The guys pontificate on the joys of Valentine’s Day.

7:05 – Dave gets too hung up on the way Darryl pronounces a Chicago Pizza tradition.

8:20 – Dave submitted a star-studded PAX East Panel without telling Darryl. Until now.

13:10 – Dave talks DICE, and his pre-DICE detox (not known at the time of recording, he made it to Friday).

15:35 – Dave was hanging around with Adam Boyes of Sony and John Vignocchi of Disney all weekend. Mistakes were made!

27:10 – The guys talk Super Bowl (as the Ancient Texts Foretold).

32:15 – Dave talks The Witness in a spoiler free fashion.

34:55 – Dave figured out some more analytic tools of interest to Game Publishers.

41:25 – The guys talk about the inaugural GFB Playdate: March 1st, evening CST. Watch the subreddit for details.

42:25 – The guys implore you to hit up iTunes and give us a review. We need to monetize your teens.

44:15 – Wes from Peoria writes in again. Don’t even remember his question.

49:55 – Alex a.k.a. subreddit master wants us to stack rank our favorite (and least favorite) games we’ve ever worked on.

57:25 – Neale from Halifax wants to know the deal with TJ Combo’s stage in Killer Instinct Season 2 (which is now irrefutably KI canon).

3 thoughts on “Episode 75 – Sad Taco”

  1. Dave you turd – You missed two good spots:

    1) We have no idea where that pigskin covered bottle of Effen went.

    2) You and Adam came upstairs to help me look for my wallet and sport coat, both of which had gone missing. I found the wallet (behind the headboard?!) but never my sport coat…

    3) When we went to that other night club, I rifled through their lost and found because I thought it was the same club. You sat there and laughed at me because it clearly was not.

    4) The patron shots (never let me order tequila) was what did you in.

    5) We found the sport coat the next day in the hotel room. In the center of the floor where no one could have missed it.

    Adam and I called Rami that morning which I thought was totally uncalled for because he is the nicest guy ever.

    Adam and I raced a car full of clowns from Santa Rosa to San Fran.

    I eventually into the Paragon beta.

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