Episode 62 – Darryl Interviews Alex Jebailey

With Dave out of town, Darryl is left with few options and is forced to interview Alex Jebailey, Community Manager for Iron Galaxy and the man behind the fighting game tournament series Community Effort Orlando.

Want to know how Alex got started at IG? Want to hear all about how he won the Blockbuster Videogame Championship? No? Perhaps you’re curious how Alex got so good at fighting games? Not that either? Do you want to hear about how he met Adam “Keits” Heart, and got added as a character in Divekick? Boy…tough crowd. Well, at one point he awkwardly forces the conversation onto how he gets stalked a lot by ex-girlfriends (one is forced to assume this was a misguided attempt to relate how good he is with women) and it made me cringe, you’ll want to hear that for sure.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 62 – Darryl Interviews Alex Jebailey

Original Air Date: November 13th, 2015

2:39 – Darryl makes a new Penguin Mints discovery: Citrus Penguin Mints. This is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill.

3:55 – Who is Alex Jebailey? Alex is glad you asked.

7:40 – Alex talks about how he won the first ever Blockbuster Videogame Championship.

13:20 – Alex talks about Arcade Culture

15:10 – Alex gets into his gaming tournament, CEO.

22:30 – How did Alex and Keits meet? How did Alex get into Divekick? Those are great questions that we desperately hope you care about.

32:30 – Alex talks about how he got his break at Iron Galaxy.

44:45 – Alex shows he’s never listened to the podcast before.

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