Episode 59 – Getting the Lighting Right

This edition of Team GFB Radio starts off with a fire remix of the OG theme from Nate! Good job by you Nate.

The guys get caught up on Darryl’s Disney exploits, some Destiny shenanigans, and go over Dave’s calendar shoot before diving into a bunch of emails. Have you ever been curious about what lawyers in the Video Game industry do? Or, maybe, you want to know more about St. George Utah? No? You don’t give a shit about any of that? Well do you want to know how the US Air Force ended up selling a bunch old Midway games? If yes to this, we actually have no clue, so track down the answer and hit us up. The last two emails are travel related! The guys plan a vacation for someone visiting America for the first time, and someone hitting up Chicago wants the deets on the best affordable eats in the city.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 59 – Getting the Lighting Right

Original Air Date: October 23rd, 2015

4:25 – Darryl and family went to Disney, and screwed up the Dole Whip.

10:15 – The guys sort through the mysteries of the Pirates of the Carribean/Johnny Depp timeline.

16:40 – Dave did nothing, and it was glorious? Sure. Glorious. Also, Dave got screwed by Destiny.

25:00 – The guys pimp the subreddit again, and Lang gets into details on the Men of Gamedev calendar Photo Shoot.

30:40 – Email time! Michael from Denver wants to know a bunch of lawyer stuff, and tries to promote his hometown. Lang talks about when IG was targeted by a patent troll.

39:00 – Josh from St. Geroge, Utah writes in to say we are cool. Lang takes this opportunity to educate everyone on St. George’s High Desert.

40:25 – Scallycap wants to know how the US Air Force ended up selling some old Midway games. The guys don’t know, but have a theory.

43:50 – Chris from Australia and partner are coming to the states, and want to know the must-visit spots. The guys spend an abnormal amount of time planning their vacation. Dave also single-handedly insults vast swathes of the US populous.

54:45 – PC in Philly had some questions he needed answered a month ago. We answer them anyway. Hope you enjoyed Chicago, PC!

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  1. I need that dope ass song. If Nate is chill, he needs to post that beat for all to set as their ringtone

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