Episode 58 – Team GFB Welcomes John Vignocchi

Darryl and Dave welcome Disney Infinity’s mouthpiece, John Vignocchi, to the show. Dave and JV talk a lot about their Midway days, and digress into a brief discussion regarding doxxing (purported) dear friends.

Outside of that stuff, Dave finishes up the Asia trip, and Dave and Darryl talk about their night out on the town in Orlando.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 58 – Team GFB Welcomes John Vignocchi

Original Air Date: October 16th, 2015

1:45 – Dave and Darryl recap their Friday night out in Orlando. Dave hurts Darryl.

9:30 – The guys recommend visiting the TeamGFB Subreddit (again).

11:50 – Prius update

15:00 – We are joined by a very special guest: friend of the show, Disney’s John Vignocchi pops by.

19:40 – JV tells the “Soup Can” story.

24:50 – Dave and JV talk about when JV doxxed Dave, Dave milks it for all it’s worth.

28:10 – JV talksĀ about the time Adam wrecked his car.

44:40 – JV and Dave debate what they should do for end of year Giant Bomb stuff.

55:55 – Dave goes into part four of four for the Asia trip retelling. Dave starts by saying it’s Thursday, but it’s actually Saturday night. Last night in Osaka.

1:04:30 – Sunday, day one in Kyoto, wherein the guys learn they are addicted to Alcohol.

1:08:00 – Monday in Kyoto, last day of the trip. The guys link up with the 17Bit crew and other Kyoto devs. Ramon leaves ashamed he ever worshiped Devon.

2 thoughts on “Episode 58 – Team GFB Welcomes John Vignocchi”

  1. It’s going to be hard to surpass last week’s episode but with the power of Disney and Johnny V anything is possible.

  2. If you actually go to Jeff’s wedding to record part of the track that would be both the worst and the best.

    But mostly the worst.

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