Episode 48 – The Loneliest-cast

This week Dave is in Germany and Darryl finds himself in a situation where he’s talking to himself. But you faithful listeners heeded the call and delivered some great questions for Darryl to answer this week. However we quickly find out that his lungs aren’t made for talking 45 minutes straight. So join us this week and lets play a little game we like to call: ‘Guess how many times Darryl almost passes out’. So far our count is 18, how about you?

Team GFB Radio – Episode 48 – The Loneliest-cast

Original Air Date: August 7th, 2015

1:45 – Darryl gives a rundown of the arcade games that have come through his possession at one point or another.

9:25 – Darryl starts to crack, send help.

10:15 – Leighty asks How we feel about speed runs and have we ever had an interest in trying to do a speed run.

17:55 – Matt from North Carolina writes in to ask about Easter Eggs in Video games

22:50 – David in Utah writes in a monster email. Significance of games on life, Carrot Cake, Favorite story for kids, most hype game of 2015 & life/career vision. WARNING SPOILERS for Walking Dead – Season 1 24:08 – 28:48.

36: 32 – TJ from Chicago wants to know more about the MK Team in the Midway days.

40:55 – Izzy writes in for some fatherly advice.