Episode 40 – Here’s the plan: There is no Plan.

Dave and Darryl divulge the Dark Future for Team GFB Radio (P.S. it’s not dark and will probably be awesome).

Also, apologies for the Dark Open, what with Dave talking about how he didn’t help that wounded stranger, dead Cypress trees, and the First 48, etc. I’m not sure what got into us.

But, lo! Triumph is at hand. After all that, the guys gush about Dave’s trip to watch F1 in Montreal, Darryl upgrading to First Class, Kingsman (as viewed for free from First Class), Hitman: Sniper, and mother-fucking Poutine!

Team GFB Radio – Episode 40 – Here’s the plan: there is no plan.

Original Air Date: June 12th, 2015

1:30 – Okay, what’s been going on with Team GFB Radio the last few weeks?

6:00 – Dave wrestles with being a horrible person for your amusement.

12:45 – The First 48, wherein Dave confirms he’s awful and anti-American.

15:20 – Darryl talks about how Team GFB Radio brings the world together, albeit poorly.

22:10- Dave drops a Montreal F1 trip report; also Darryl upgrades to First Class.

27:50 – The guys gush about Kingsman, the Movie.

35:10 – Holy shit they talk about games! Hitman: Sniper gets some shine.

42:30 – Lang talks about Poutine and how we hijacked the Reddit F1 meetup with #TeamGFB duders; also, don’t trade shots with the bartender.

54:45 – Did a #TeamGFB meetup at F1 on Sunday.

56:35 – Darryl talks about how much moving sucks.

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  1. Wasn’t a big fan of Kingsman. I thought a lot of the action scenes were ruined by bad camera angles and speeding them up and slowing them down unnecessarily. Wish the fight choreography was better in general as well. Especially considering you have a goddamn person using running blades as weapons.

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