Episode 39 – Clip Show

You never asked for it, but you’re getting it anyway!

Darryl and Dave got a curve ball thrown their way so in lieu of putting forth actual effort they slapped together a clip show! Did your favorite TeamGFBRadio moments make the cut? Find out!

Team GFB Radio –¬†Episode 39 –¬†Clip Show

Original Air Date: June 5th, 2015

1:45 – Dave talks about when he lived Scream.

5:08 – Darryl retells the Greatest Story of All-Time.

14:40 – Dave is in dangerous straights in KL.

17:10 – “That sounds like a lot of work.”

19:35 – Darryl reveals his Top-Tier Skype Troll Game.

23:40 – Dave reveals the Iron Galaxy Business Plan.

29:20 – Ramon and Darryl steal Dave’s blazer at the IGO Holiday party.

33:15 – Darryl talks about the E3 heroics for Blitz: The League.