Episode 38 – Team GFB on the street

It’s a all-new type of Team GFB Radio. If you love it, awesome! If you hate it, blame Darryl who abruptly left town without notice!

With Darryl gone, and a bunch of people hanging out in the studio and drinking some beer, I decided to walk around with the Zoom Recorder and try to get people to say things they would one day later regret (with zero success).

Team GFB Radio –¬†Episode 38 – Team GFB on the street

Original Air Date: May 29th, 2015

0:00 – We start off strong with Ramon Franco on Guitar.

1:00 – Jeff Campen talks about his lone appearance on TeamGFBRadio.

2:15 – We talk with the Mighty, Mighty Jen Pollard, wherein we get derailed by live stream production realities.

3:00 – I talk with Kurt Tillmanns about Wreckateer, wherein he learns about “Wreackateer? More like wrecked my career!” for the first time.

6:20 – Jordan Petersen starts talking all crazy about FPS terms.

8:20 – Experience some brief digressions with Justin Boshovan and Sean Coan.

9:30 – We have a SEGA World Series cabinet in the office, and Dan Nelson is bodying Matt Secrist.

10:15 – We talk to our first Iron Galaxy OG, James Longstreet. James has done a lot of online programming, and we talk a lot about “wanking WANs.”

14:25 – We talk to our Audio Director, Chase Ashbaker. Chase discloses essential gear for the budding audio engineer.

19:15 – We talk to Glen Latteire, wherein he discloses things that make his job more difficult. We also discuss how he helped draw the most expensive brain painting of all time.

25:05 – We talk to Employee #1 at IGS, Mike O’Connor.

31:20 – It’s Andrew Massari’s time to shine, wherein he correctly uses “myriad” in a common speech.

34:50 – Dan Sosnowski talks at length about his time at Michigan State, and how he broke into the industry.