Episode 35 – Enter the Keir

It’s another special edition of TeamGFB Radio, wherein Darryl and Dave get to know Keir Miron (@KeirMiron), a programmer on Darkest Dungeon at Red Hook Studios.

The guys talk with Keir about Darkest Dungeon–how they got the game started, funeded, and what their creative process is like, before meandering  into discussions about Burnout Paradise, how to get your PAX booth popping off, and the NBA Playoffs.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 35 – Enter the Keir

Original Air Date: May 8th, 2015

1:15 – A brief breakdown of Darryl’s first solo-cast.

3:00 – Who is Keir Miron? Let’s find out.

5:45 – The Darkest Dungeon Kickstarter aka Doing It Right.

12:30 – How Keir and Dave met at a You Don’t Know Jack tournament.

15:30 – Keir talks about what’s next for Darkest Dungeon.

25:05 – Let’s talk about Greenlight!

29:25 – The guys talk Burnout Paradise.

31:40 – If you don’t give a shit about the NBA, skip forward to the next section.

37:20 – Dave challenges Keir to a game of (American) 21, Darryl recaps one of Dave’s biggest embarrassments.

47:00 – Keir wants to know how Darryl and Dave conduct interviews.

51:15 – Keir discloses the best poutine in Vancouver.

53:30 – How to get your PAX booth popping off.

1:00:40 – Keir hates Dave’s favorite YouTube video of all-time.