Episode 19 – ZOMG So Many Emails!

Your friends at #TeamGFBRadio take a break from the normal show format to clear out the inbox. Lots of great reader questions about game dev, diet, and no one directly asked about the rumors of the Raid 2 cast being in the next Star Wars movie, but we talk about it at length regardless.

#Team GFB Radio – Episode 19 –¬†ZOMG So Many Emails!

Original Air Date: January 16th, 2015

3:20 – First Email: Randy wants to know how to not be a fat piece of garbage anymore. This is where we debut the #TeamGFBRadio Health Minute.

13:05: Second Email: Matt asked about resource bloat in indie games. As always, we blame the engine.

20:35: Third Email: FozzyBear asks about why some games feature more stat tracking. As always, we blame the engine.

26:40: Fourth Email: James asks about PR/Marketing, and is there such a thing as “bad advertising?” As always, we blame the engine.

31:00: Fifth Email: Rafal(?) wants to know what it’s like to work with people in other countries. For once we don’t blame the engine.

36:00: Sixth Email: Anders corrects Dave’s assumptions about indoor-shoe wearing in Sweden.

37:30: Seventh Email: Sam serves us up a platitude.

37:45: Eight Email: Mitchell asks about a new movie, and we hijack the conversation to talk about how the guys from the Raid movies are going to be in the next Star Wars.

41:45: Ninth Email: Andrew asks about our biggest professional regrets. As always we blame the engine.