Episode 159 – Garland Fitted Banisters

Darryl and Dave are back again, just for you. Darryl talks Animal Crossing, Dave talks Holiday party, and they guys answer a metric ton of emails.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 159 – Garland Fitted Bannisters

Original Air Date: December 3rd, 2017

1:30 – Dave reports back with an update on the audio problem he described on last week’s show.

5:00 – Darryl is playing Animal Crossing, and he’s got some thoughts.

12:00 – Dave had a Chicago-ass weekend, he went to a Bulls game and then had the Holiday Party, including runs at both Logan Hardware and Headquarterz.

18:00 – Dave is heading west, and is looking forward to PSX.

21:30 – Darry saw Valerian, and boy does he like it a lot. Take that, Rotten Tomatoes.

24:30 – Dan from Boston writes in with how the first show for his game went. He chronicled it all right here.

30:00 – Alec from Denver writes in to pump up the FB group.

26:45 – Ole from Denmark writes in with a harrowing tale of starting up his indie studio, and he’d like some tips on how to get things done. Here’s the video Dave mentioned. Dave also talked about his beloved Drama to Output ratio.

42:10 – Dan Brockman, friend of the show and gracious philanthropist, writes in to talk about Dave’s Extra life stream.

43:30 – Drew writes in to ask about seeds on bread. The guys answer this hard-hitting question.


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