Episode 153 – Gasping For Breath

After a two week break the bois are back with a vengeance…or at least a podcast, they brought a mediocre podcast.

They talk about broken bones, Gion Matsuri, 5k races and much, much more.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 153 – Gasping For Breath

Original Air Date: October 16th, 2017

1:45 – Darryl isn’t sick, but he can’t breathe and he’s got an inhaler now.

5:00 – Dave does a brief trip recap, and narcs out a secret restaurant in the process.

17:25 – Dave has fallen off the fitness wagon, and needs to get back on. Will he? Tune in and find out.

22:00 – Darryl has fallen down the board-game-Kickstarter rabbit hole.

31:35 – Dave got his streaming rig back, and is ready for Extra Life.

40:35 – First email is from Nick in California. Nick is touring Europe, and wants to know how we handle someone in a restaurant being shitty to waitstaff.

47:45 – Someone who didn’t leave a name wants to know what to hit up in Orlando.

52:15 – Jake from Japan (WORLDWIDE) wants to know what to hit up while he’s living in Japan.