Episode 125 – Grandiose Floral Bouquets

This week the guys talk about video game console launches, some Video Game Development history, #HoopTalk, the Drew Scanlon meme and more!

In a refreshing twist the emails are pretty strong this week. Questions regarding travel fashion, Steam Greenlight, and Amway trafficking all get half-hearted answers from your hosts.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 125 – Grandiose Floral Bouquets

Original Air Date: February 20th, 2017

1:45 – The guys talk about the Switch launch, and meander into other historic video game console launch talk.

6:15 – Dave talks some Video Game Development history, talking about Sculptured getting taken over by Iguana, then moving onto Kodiak Interactive from there.

19:50 – Dave gets his APMs up to Darryl’s family, specifically in regard to all the #HoopTalk from last week’s show.

24:35 – The guys discuss the Drew Scanlon meme, and JESUS CHRIST IS THIS WEIRD.

29:40 – Dave finished Deus Ex Mankind Divided, and the guys discuss their history with the series before covering early impressions of For Honor.

39:50 – Dave plugs his two GDC talks. Get more details on them here and here.

40:50 – Going to PAX East? Learn how to learn about the meetup.

42:10 – Darryl stumbles into a drinking contest on the Disney grounds, and discovers the joys of the Club Floor at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

47:50 – Drew from Seattle wants to know what the guys wear on flights.

56:00 – Someone wants to discuss one of Dave’s bad business tweets. Oh yeah we got those.

1:02:45 – Matt from (somewhere not pronounceable), Japan wants to know why Dave keeps mentioning Amway. We don’t know Matt, but we respect your observation.

1:05:53 – Dave forgets to say “Bespoke” on cue.

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