Episode 119 – Gold Feathered Beetle

It’s the first show of 2017, and it’s all downhill from here!

The guys talk about Christmas and New Years, Darryl became an Orienteer, and the guys put a bow on all the Sonos talk from several episodes back.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 119 – Gold Feathered Beetle

Original Air Date: January 2nd, 2017

3:30 – There was a high-stakes break-in attempt in the same building the Iron Galaxy Chicago office is in, and Dave gets Darryl up to speed on that.

8:00 – The guys recap their Christmas (they didn’t do anything but listen to #RTJ3)

17:25 – Dave goes over his Giant Bomb Top 10 list, and the subsequent stream showing off some of those games.

26:00 – The guys discuss NYE plans (again, they didn’t do anything). They do stumble into some fitness talk though (New Years, lol), and Dave realizes he’s been ingesting thousands of calories in beer every week. Tough choices need to be made.

35:35 – Darryl and the family became Certified Orienteers. Don’t know what that is? Neither did Dave, but Darryl explains it.

41:00 – The guys get into some emails. First topic: they follow up with Darryl’s Sonos questions and some email answers people sent in.

46:00 – Owen from Ballard wants to start a podcast, and is need of some tips.

52:15 – Chris from WY wants us to stack rank the Divekick cast on their ability to Dab.

5 thoughts on “Episode 119 – Gold Feathered Beetle”

  1. Orienteering rocks. Was never the fastest runner but always in the top set when we had tournaments, back in those ancient days. Taught us kids to navigate the densest of forests alone with only a compass and a map.

    On the other hand, bears wolves and lynxes.

  2. Didn’t Dave say we could watch his playthrough of Inside on his YT Channel? It doesn’t Seem like it is there, either that or I’m too dumb to find the “real” DL YT channel (which is entirely possible). Is it out there somewhere, anyone have a link?

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