Episode 116 – Gooshing Fourty Beers

After a week off the guys (Dave) have some stuff to get off their (his) chest. They (he) talks PSX, Disney and Santa Cruz before dipping into some more talk about Hitman and the Last Guardian.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 116 – Gooshing Fourty Beers

Original Air Date: December 12th, 2016

3:15 – The guys (Dave) gets their (his) APMs up for no show last week. Sorry, so sorry.

4:20 – Dave recaps PSX, starting with FOMO re:The Videogame Awards

9:30 – This is the part about Windjammers.

12:50 – Dave explains Supergiant’s new game, Pyre, to Darryl. It’s amazing!

18:40 – Dave ended up in a Farmer’s Only ad. Not in the good way.

21:15 – The Sunday turn-up is real (dumb).

24:10 – They crew went to Disney, and it wasn’t all it could have been due to too much Gooshing.

46:40 – Post-Disney the gang hung out at Downtown Disney (?) and Trader Sams (??) and got their goosh on.

55:30 – Dave gives a brief recap of the Iron Galaxy Holiday Party. There were some speeches.

1:03:15 – Darryl recaps some Hitman and Last Guardian.

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  1. First off, Mr Toad’s Wild Ride is the shit. The Nightmare Before Xmas is seasonal and is also the shit. Get Fucked Lang.
    Pirates at Disneyland is so much better than World.

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