Episode 114 – Giving Free Bodyshots

I normally write something about this week’s show here, but I’m currently watching (and rewatching) this Apple Music ad where Drake is singing Bad Blood and can’t be disturbed.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 114 – Giving Free Bodyshots

Original Air Date: November 21st, 2016

2:50 – The guys start talking about Thanksgiving food and we are all lucky to have escaped alive.

12:25 – Dave learned how to bowl like a pro. He gets Turkeys routinely now.

16:20 – Darryl keeps getting more complicated board games and we should all be worried about him.

23:30 – Darryl got Hitman, and Dave tries to contain his enthusiasm (and fails).

46:40 – Dave finished Quantum Break.

52:30 – Dave has been playing Mirror’s Edge and Dishonored 2.

1:00:45 – Darryl helps Dave sort through his backlog.

1:04:40 – After the Google Home/Alexa talk last week, the Sonos has entered the fray.

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