Episode 104 – Two Years and LIVE at PAX West

Happy Anniversary everyone! This is our 2-year show and it’s a good one. Live from PAX West, it’s the audio version of the Let’s Rank It! panel. Darryl and Dave were joined by Friends of the Show and true CCGs Felix, Trin, Aaron, and special guest Jeff from Petaluma.

Below is the final ranking after the panel. Enjoy!

Team GFB Radio – Episode 104 – Two Years and LIVE at PAX West

Original Air Date: September 5th, 2016

Let’s Rank It!

1) #MonetizeTeens

2) Fire Emoji

2.5) having a row to yourself on an airplane, no matter where on the plane it is, even if its by the bathroom and adam boyes backs up the toilet

3) Uber blazing Nasty Boys after a pretty 100 day


3.33345) You write a ton of code, and it compiles the first time with no warnings

4) Caffeinated Mints

4.278) You wake up after a great night’s sleep, it was great, and your mom, who loves you, is making you your fave breakfast

4.5) A business zinger that kills the deal, but man, was it funny

5) Spaceballs the Movie

6) Airplane The Movie even with the guys who speak Jive

6.5) Haunted Mansion

7) Nutella it’s gdlk

7.0000001) The first sip from a perfectly chilled Coke, and it’s hot out and you need it

7.5) The crispy top of a blueberry muffin, and spell checking

8) Knife Truck that actually exists

9) Gameboy Sound on startup

9.1) The concept of diversity

9.34) Your phone drops, flat on its face, you pick it up to find the screen twist isn’t shattered

9.5) The smell of electronics heating up, wafting into your nostrils

10) Keytar Scrub not showing up and letting Pope blast it out on stage (not his quads)

11) Ice Cream Truck

11.5) Pokemon Go, and you find your friend is on your team unexpectedly

12) Stupid Dog stares at you and it doesn’t even know you or care about you, you need professional help

13) Tipping and exerting influence and power over fellow man

14) Best Taco Bell you’ve ever had aka Friday

15) Numbered List In Word not cheap ass google docs or clones

16) Windjammers (the sequel you will never), ever get I hate you

17) D12 not the rap group

18) Rookie of The Year and that handsome lead actor who tapped Tara Reid

18.6) Your friend leaves your WoW guild because you can’t keep up with his level, and then a month from now his ass gets banned for gold farming, just his ass.

19) Default iPhone Alarm noise aka wake up youre late

19.5) Darth Vader with two cats

19.667876) Headlock on the reg, but man the dude smells good for once, which is a nice twist

19.75) photo called “A Group of Teens Dabbing”

19.9) Food being cold at a restaurant, getting a new one, and a half-off discount.

20) 3rd party off brand ass controllers even the good ones

21) Felix’s Talky Dentist

22) Having to go with button fly jeans at PAX and two stalls are broken

22.5) accidentally drinking 3 pulls of vodka when you are hungover, and have been puking.

23) Turn on the Fog Machine

24) Smashing teeth while smashing

24.5) Having a catch phrase, period, and then on top of that it being “Kachow!”

25) San Fran aka my personal hell

25.5) Dropping an atomic bomb in a co-workers toilet at a party; toilet overflows; your new nickname at work is “Ass Load McGee”

25.9) dumb cats making dumb noises, they don’t have intent they don’t have brains just nerve centers

26) Not having sex

26.5) Taking a drink and getting a surprise cig in your mouth; being embarrassed in front of the other hunters

27) Red Wedding which we didn’t see so hopefully its not rad

29) Getting Roppongi’d over and over again and justifying it was a business expense

29.5) Cliff diving your way to a hemmeriod which I cant spell

30) Your teeth get bodied at Burger King by a single French fry

30.5) Your peacefully taking a dump, probably looking at your phone or some shit minding your own business, then this dude kicks the door open, pukes on you and punches you in the face into a coma

31) Almost losing your arm, and also, by the way, not getting to go to culinary school and losing a lot of money kind of maybe

32) JV being a world class dick to someone he claims to be a good friend, neigh, brother. Why would you do that to me? Why?


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