Episode 159 – Garland Fitted Banisters

Darryl and Dave are back again, just for you. Darryl talks Animal Crossing, Dave talks Holiday party, and they guys answer a metric ton of emails.

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Episode 158 – Gravy For Breakfast

This episode is beset with some lesser audio issues, but don’t let that stop you from hearing about what’s going down with the boys this week.

Darryl throws and impromptu rager, Dave went to Korea and lived to tell the tale, and the guys make a short list of games they have to finish before year’s end.

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Episode 157 – Go For Broke (sigh)

This week Dave is joined by ID @ Xbox’s Chris Charla. Dave and Chris talk a lot about Charla’s early days in the industry, including his run at Next Generation magazine. Oh, also, the show was recorded in Busan, Korea nbd.

1:00 – Dave and Chris talk about the reason they are in Busan, G-STAR, Korea’s largest video game trade show.

4:00 – Chris introduces himself, for those who might not be in the know.

7:30 – Chris talk about his time at Digital Eclipse, which turned into part of Foundation 9.

11:15 – Chris talks about leaving Digital Eclipse for the XBLA team.

19:45 – Chris gives his favorite 3 games, then the dudes rathole on INFOCOM games for a minute.

28:00 – Dave confides in Chris with one of his lifelong, sad, dreams.

33:30 – Chris and Dave talk about old-timey magazines, like Compute’s Gazzette, that would list source code for home-brew video games, and you’d have to painstakingly type them into your computer to play them. What a horrible idea.

40:30 – Dave and Chris talk classic games on the Apple II and C64.

43:10 – Chris talks about how he got started at Next Generation magazine.


Episode 156 – Good Fudge Brownies

Happy Friday everyone! This week Dave and Felix sit down to chop it up and slap it around. They spin it, thumb their noses at it, and in general get down all over it. Enjoy the show.

No bespoke notes this week, hold that L, Trick.

Episode 155 – Ghoul Filled Basement

Hello everyone! Big week, big week. Spelunky 2! HITMAN! Board Games! Tips! Hot Tips! Extra Life previews!


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Episode 154 – Growing Four Balls

Another certified banger. Dave gets everyone caught up with his daughter’s broken arm, and the guys debate the pros and cons of Hospital Sex. A lot more than that but I have to get on a plane in two minutes so this is all you get.

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Episode 153 – Gasping For Breath

After a two week break the bois are back with a vengeance…or at least a podcast, they brought a mediocre podcast.

They talk about broken bones, Gion Matsuri, 5k races and much, much more.

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Episode 152 – Guarding For Burglars

CCGesus is back with a vengeance…or at least a bunch of stories. Darryl gets everyone caught up on what Hurricane Irma was like in his neck of the woods, a harrowing tale of Suburban Burgling, his PAX experience, and a round up of video and board games.

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Episode 151 – Giant Fricking Basilisks

Post hurricane we’re happy to report that CCGesus and family emerged largely unscathed, but they aren’t out of the woods yet so Dave is joined by CCG Kelly Wallick¬†for a PAX recap, stress-coping mechanisms, X12 talk, Godzilla, and Laditime (which isn’t what you probably think it is, sadly).

3:00 – Dave tries to get Kelly to burn her new bed and buy into the Sleep Number system.

11:00 – Dave and Kelly recap PAX, including the Team GFB Radio meet-up (which was rad). Pack a lunch, this is a big segment.

44:00 – Dave talks about his “coach” for a bit, in case you’re wondering who he’ll blame when everything goes to shit. Kelly also talks about her nascent podcast.

50:45 – Dave is rolling out to TGS, Kelly plugs her Indie Mega Show that’s Wednesday night. Come out and say hi!

57:35 – In a new segment, Kelly reviews some movies using The Raid 2 scale.

1:10:30 – Dave and Kelly answer a mail from Tudor from Toronto (WORLDWIDE), and dish out some advice on dealing with stress.