Episode 165 – Greetings From Bahamas

Lang is back from his first ever cruise, and let me tell you, if you’re not into hearing about that you might as well eject now.

In the off chance you ARE into that, then star fave like this ep right now because we got you.

Darryl also talks about some new alt-games he’s playing that Dave couldn’t be bothered to remember

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Episode 164 – Greatest Football Battle

The boys are back. Back to attack.

Lots of game talk this week (Motorsport Manager, Overwatch, PUBG, Monster Hunger and Fortnite BR), as well as some tales from the front lines of streaming woes. The guys also get into how IG bids out Switch ports, which they hope you find super informative.

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Episode 163 – Gigantic Foaming Bubbles

The bois are back, and ready to chat. About what you ask? How about Sex in the Prius? Intrigued? How about Google Wifi? No, you don’t care about that either? Hmmm. How about Ultimate Guys Weekend? No? Escape rooms? Cancun…everyone loves Cancun stories, right?

Jesus what do you people want from us?

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Episode 162 – Getting Fat Blisters

New year, new intro! The new music is compliments of 2 Mello, you can find more of their amazing work here!

They guys kick of 2018 with a recap of their Holiday break, and Dave and Darryl have a bunch of new games to chat about.

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Episode 161 – 2017 Best of Clip Show

They hate us cause they ain’t us!

2017 is in the books and here are some of your favorite clips from the trash fire that was 2017. Let I ice it in 2018, y’all!

Episode 160 – Grateful Fortunate Boys

The Boys wrap 2017 with their last live to tape show in true end-of-year fashion, by telling you, someone with your own agency and opinions, what the best things of 2017 ACTUALLY were. Darryl and Dave made top-10 lists of memories of things they discussed on the show, and no-spoilers, it’s pretty good. Dave tries to tie the whole experience together with an ill-conceived baseball metaphor which, aside from being unnecessary, is just dumb.

Dave elected to re-use the header image from a previous show because it’s really good.

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Episode 159 – Garland Fitted Banisters

Darryl and Dave are back again, just for you. Darryl talks Animal Crossing, Dave talks Holiday party, and they guys answer a metric ton of emails.

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Episode 158 – Gravy For Breakfast

This episode is beset with some lesser audio issues, but don’t let that stop you from hearing about what’s going down with the boys this week.

Darryl throws and impromptu rager, Dave went to Korea and lived to tell the tale, and the guys make a short list of games they have to finish before year’s end.

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Episode 157 – Go For Broke (sigh)

This week Dave is joined by ID @ Xbox’s Chris Charla. Dave and Chris talk a lot about Charla’s early days in the industry, including his run at Next Generation magazine. Oh, also, the show was recorded in Busan, Korea nbd.

1:00 – Dave and Chris talk about the reason they are in Busan, G-STAR, Korea’s largest video game trade show.

4:00 – Chris introduces himself, for those who might not be in the know.

7:30 – Chris talk about his time at Digital Eclipse, which turned into part of Foundation 9.

11:15 – Chris talks about leaving Digital Eclipse for the XBLA team.

19:45 – Chris gives his favorite 3 games, then the dudes rathole on INFOCOM games for a minute.

28:00 – Dave confides in Chris with one of his lifelong, sad, dreams.

33:30 – Chris and Dave talk about old-timey magazines, like Compute’s Gazzette, that would list source code for home-brew video games, and you’d have to painstakingly type them into your computer to play them. What a horrible idea.

40:30 – Dave and Chris talk classic games on the Apple II and C64.

43:10 – Chris talks about how he got started at Next Generation magazine.


Episode 156 – Good Fudge Brownies

Happy Friday everyone! This week Dave and Felix sit down to chop it up and slap it around. They spin it, thumb their noses at it, and in general get down all over it. Enjoy the show.

No bespoke notes this week, hold that L, Trick.