Episode 110 – Slacklining

This week the guys talked Steam Dev days, what’s going down for family Fall fun in Orlando, PSVR, and so much more!

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Episode 109 – Storm Jackers

We start this week with a detailed recap of Darryl’s preparation for, and experience during his first hurricane. If you ever wanted to know how to board up windows this is the segment you’ve been waiting for.

Then, Dave talks about a pig roast wherein he played the newest Jackbox Party Pack. He didn’t win, unless you consider flaunting his ignorance about our Solar System “winning.”

The guys wrap up the regular show with some Hitman and PSVR talk, before getting into some emails.

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Episode 108 – Emergency Cast

Hi! It’s Monday somewhere!

Also: We had some audio issues with Kelly’s recording this week, but still totally listenable. Please enjoy.

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Episode 107 – That’s A Full Glass Of Soju

That’s A Full Glass Of Soju

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Episode 106 – Because, So Big!

Dave’s traveling the world this week, but don’t worry listeners. Due to the wonders of modern technology the guys were still able knock out a banger. The guys talk about how important vitamins are for you, japan travel stories, board game obsessions and Dave’s new tag line: “Because, So Big!”.

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Episode 105 – The PAX West Aftermath

This week the guys are back to recap all the events from the PAX West aftermath. Enough of the chit-chat, I got a plane to catch. On with the show!


Photo credit: @MarinoV1

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Episode 104 – Two Years and LIVE at PAX West

Happy Anniversary everyone! This is our 2-year show and it’s a good one. Live from PAX West, it’s the audio version of the Let’s Rank It! panel. Darryl and Dave were joined by Friends of the Show and true CCGs Felix, Trin, Aaron, and special guest Jeff from Petaluma.

Below is the final ranking after the panel. Enjoy!

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Episode 103 – Who Can Say

Dave is joined by Friend of the Show Kelly Wallick in what is most certainly a #CertifiedBanger. They talk PAX West, Megabooth, and Dave has some travel stories fresh of his European trip.

It’s a late #CertifiedBanger but it’s still a #CertifiedBanger.

(Pic courtesy of Dylan from BitSummit 2015)

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Episode 101 – An Evening with Weazy

Dave is out at Gamescom but the show must go on! For better or worse, you wonderful listeners get An Evening with Weazy. Have no fear this is only temporary, as we’ll return to our usual format next week.

This week Darryl recounts his past trip to Chicago and then dives into some emails. Ever wanted to hear Darryl’s long winded stance on coffee cake flavors? Boy are you in for a treat. Want to hear Darryl ramble nonsense about AI? You’re in luck! Maybe you want want to hear Darryl talk incoherently about commercial engine tools versus proprietary ones. Yep, we got that too!

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