GFB Prime Time Presents: The Raid: Redemption

As a special Thanksgiving treat we thought we’d record a commentary track for one of our favorite movies, The Raid: Redemption. If you’ve never seen this movie before, it’s an Indonesian action movie with an emphasis on brutal hand-to-hand combat and inner-thigh punching. It’s the 2nd greatest movie of all time.

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Episode 11

It’s #TeamGFB’s favorite time of the year: Thanksgiving! Dave and Darryl relate some fond Thanksgiving memories, then enjoy a brief discussion about the early days of XBox Live, Darryl talks about his trip to the circus, and it’s the first-ever #TeamGFB Mailbag!

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Episode 10

If you’re into travel this is the show for you! Dave recaps his trip to Kuala Lumpur via LA, Tokyo, then Singapore, his first flight on an A380, how #gdlk Singapore Air is, KL Nightlife, and the KL Sentral Train Station before Darryl shuts the show down with some talk about digi-tapes.

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Episode 9

It’s Part 2 of our Halloween Double Feature. The guys talk about their road trip to Telltale Games, Persian food, Dave’s trip to Stockholm and Grin, Remmington Steele, and oversleeping before international flights.

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Episode 8

The first of a two-part All-Hallows-Eve show wherein the guys discuss: The joys of trying to hook up with virtual women in Velvet Sundown, our Extra Life Livestream, EVO Moment 37, and Game Dev Horror Stories. Also, Darrow?

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Episode 7

This week the guys try out some new audio equipment, Dave plans his annual College Football trip, Darryl plays some new downloadable games, the guys remember their love of Halifax and Dave plays P.T. for the first time.

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Episode 6

This week we talk about Dave′s trip to IndieCade, Darryl′s magical MagiQuest run, the Best Bar In Chicago, and Run The Jewels.

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Episode 5

We start off with some GDC memories, Darryl talks about his life post-crunching on KI, Dave admits he’s never played a Zelda game, and Dave talks about binge watching The Raid: Redemption and The Raid 2.

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Episode 4

It’s an all Travelogue Episode wherein Dave talks Tokyo Game Show, the Siege Penis, warnings direct from Roppongi, Singapore F1, and how awesome US Embassies are.

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Episode 3

Time for the first #TeamGFB Radio Spoilercast, wherein we gush about Condemned Criminal Origins for 30+ minutes. We get into our favorite moments from the game, what makes it special, and reluctantly talk about how deep our obsession runs with this game. After that we touch on Penguin Mints, Bosey’s Snack Bar, #keepitwingthousand, and make some TGS predictions.

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