Episode 14 – Our Hero John Drake

Dave is back from PSX with interviews galore! The guys talk Christmas prep, the PlayStation Experience, The Video Game Awards, losing at Blackjack and the business side of Platform Exclusives before wrapping up the show with tons of interviews from the PSX show floor.

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GFB Video Game Book Club: Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments – Episode 1

Welcome to the first installment of GFB Video Game Book Club. In this series Dave and Darryl play the same game and check in weekly on each others progress. The first game we play in the series is Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments.

In this episode we both finish the first case in the game: The Fate of Black Peter.

WARNING: This episode contains spoilers. If you plan to play Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments and don’t want it spoiled, play the first case and then listen to this episode.

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Episode 13 – Top Men

Wherein Darryl and Dave partake in a highly edited episode. They discuss some classic Midway memes, Dave’s trip to Ole Miss, Holiday Parties, and awful business plans.

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Episode 12

Darryl and Dave cover a lot of ground in this one, discussing some memes from their Midway days, Darryl discloses his Skype-troll tech, the politics of credits and titles in Video Game companies, their new “Video Game Book Club,” and Dave makes predictions for his trip to Oxford, MS.

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GFB Prime Time Presents: The Raid: Redemption

As a special Thanksgiving treat we thought we’d record a commentary track for one of our favorite movies, The Raid: Redemption. If you’ve never seen this movie before, it’s an Indonesian action movie with an emphasis on brutal hand-to-hand combat and inner-thigh punching. It’s the 2nd greatest movie of all time.

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Episode 11

It’s #TeamGFB’s favorite time of the year: Thanksgiving! Dave and Darryl relate some fond Thanksgiving memories, then enjoy a brief discussion about the early days of XBox Live, Darryl talks about his trip to the circus, and it’s the first-ever #TeamGFB Mailbag!

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Episode 10

If you’re into travel this is the show for you! Dave recaps his trip to Kuala Lumpur via LA, Tokyo, then Singapore, his first flight on an A380, how #gdlk Singapore Air is, KL Nightlife, and the KL Sentral Train Station before Darryl shuts the show down with some talk about digi-tapes.

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Episode 9

It’s Part 2 of our Halloween Double Feature. The guys talk about their road trip to Telltale Games, Persian food, Dave’s trip to Stockholm and Grin, Remmington Steele, and oversleeping before international flights.

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Episode 8

The first of a two-part All-Hallows-Eve show wherein the guys discuss: The joys of trying to hook up with virtual women in Velvet Sundown, our Extra Life Livestream, EVO Moment 37, and Game Dev Horror Stories. Also, Darrow?

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Episode 7

This week the guys try out some new audio equipment, Dave plans his annual College Football trip, Darryl plays some new downloadable games, the guys remember their love of Halifax and Dave plays P.T. for the first time.

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