Episode 137 – Bitsummit 2017 – Good Fucking Beer

Dave sits down with Friends of the Show Kelly Wallick, Gio Corsi and Shawne Benson to talk Bitsummit, Golden Showers and River Beers.

Photo compliments of JapanTravel.com

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Episode 103 – Who Can Say

Dave is joined by Friend of the Show Kelly Wallick in what is most certainly a #CertifiedBanger. They talk PAX West, Megabooth, and Dave has some travel stories fresh of his European trip.

It’s a late #CertifiedBanger but it’s still a #CertifiedBanger.

(Pic courtesy of Dylan from BitSummit 2015)

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Episode 80 – CCGesus

It’s a solo show for Lang, as he failed to do any interviews whilst at GDC. He answered a bunch of emails, read some iTunes reviews, and in general did his best not to make a mockery of the Platform of Excellence that has been established for the show. This is validated with some iTunes reviews, including one that dubbed Darryl Wisner as CCGesus, a.k.a. the greatest nickname of all time (which up until now belonged to Dominique Wilkins, a.k.a. the Human Highlight Reel and Dave’s college acquaintance Big Breakfast).

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