PAX West 2017 Meetup Info – Goosh Fabulous Brews

Hey all, we’ve locked in plans for the Meetup. It’s going to be at Box House┬ástarting at 9p, Saturday 9/2. Darryl, me, and (hopefully) other panelists will head over immediately after the panel so if you get there and don’t see any friendly faces don’t worry, we’re on the way.

It’s about 1 mile away from there Sheraton, so 5 minutes via Lyft or 20 minutes via walking (GET YOUR STEPS UP).

We’ve made some loose plans with the owner. We will be on the first floor of the bar, and either go to the VIP room or just slam some tables together (depending on turnout). Hope to see everyone there to Goosh Fabulous Brews.

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