GFB Prime Time Presents: The Raid: Redemption

As a special Thanksgiving treat we thought we’d record a commentary track for one of our favorite movies, The Raid: Redemption. If you’ve never seen this movie before, it’s an Indonesian action movie with an emphasis on brutal hand-to-hand combat and inner-thigh punching. It’s the 2nd greatest movie of all time.

We recorded this to the digital version, which you can get here if you need it. The Raid: Redemption Unrated

Happy Thanksgiving from #TeamGFBRadio

11 thoughts on “GFB Prime Time Presents: The Raid: Redemption”

  1. First of all I apologize for my state in this recording. I was a bit under the weather this day and my cold meds just started to wear off when we began to record this. It was a stupid fun thing we wanted to try and we hope to have more in the future (hopefully when Dave and I are both at 100%). Let us know what you think and as Dave would say have a “Happy American Thanksgiving” everybody!

  2. This owns, GFB owns. New, but already one of my favourite podcasts. You guys have terrific chemistry.

    Sup from Finland, you’re going worldwide.

  3. I love The Raid! 🙂 Great podcast,guys. Sometimes i just watch the last hour of The Raid 2.:) I must have seen it 8 times allready. Have you guys seen Undisputed 2? The fights with Boyka are also pretty good.

    Greetings from Belgium!

      1. It’s like a 80’s action movie. Plotwise too. But the fights with Scott Adkins are amazing. Many hoped he would be the lead of The raid remake…. Dave does know they are going to make an american version of The Raid?:P

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