Episode 98 – Only Real Men Drink Out Of Stolen Trophies

It’s a wild week in Team GFB Radio land. Dave visited Orlando and the guys went drinking (mistakes were made). Joe Budden chases punks down in these streets (mistakes were made). Dave had to wait 35 minutes for a refill at Kasa (mistakes were made).

Maybe replace “wild,” with “bad” in the previous paragraph and we’ve got the start of some truth.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 98 – Only Real Men Drink Out Of Stolen Trophies

Original Air Date: July 25th, 2016

1:15 – It’s the earliest Team GFB Radio production minute of all time wherein the dudes discuss plans for “important” shows.

6:58 – Dave plugs the 2nd Anniversary Show, as well as their next “Let’s Rank It Panel” from PAX West, Friday Night at 8p. Show up, don’t leave it up to chance.

12:00 – Dave talks about the next Team GFB Radio meet-up, i.e. right after the “Let’s Rank It” panel.

12:30 – Dave saw Ghostbusters, spoiler alert: it’s awesome.

18:20 – The guys talk about Disney, and Darryl’s latest trip therein.

19:30 – Dave visited Orlando, and they guys have some stories to tell. First up, Lang heckled Pokemon Go players, trivia, and poor decisions.

29:55 – In a slight digression, Dave informs Darryl that Joe Budden keeps it 100 at all times in all things and chased some punk kids down in these streets. Here’s two relevant tweets.

44:15 – Dave has a report from Un-wine’d Wednesday, and runs into problems at the hotel bar. Neither sitch is good. IT’S NOT GOOD.

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