Episode 95 – The Future is Lit

On this edition of Team GFB Radio After Dark, the guys talk Snapchat, Dick Pics and Pillow Walls.

Sandwiched amongst that A+ content is Darryl’s journey with the Witness, Dave is still head over heels for Hitman, and the guys get drunk a lot.


Team GFB Radio – Episode 95 – The Future is Lit

Original Air Date: July 04th, 2016

2:15 – Dave was in Orlando with Darryl, and Monday they went drinking; Dave got bodied by a stationary wall.

8:00 – Darryl reports back from the new Frozen ride at Disney.

12:00 – Dave and Darryl rehash one of GFB’s oldest bits.

15:00 – Dave reports back from Wine Down Wednesday; teaches Darryl about Snapchat.

26:40 – Darryl has finished The Witness, and it changed his life.

34:00 – Darryl wants to know how to step up his streaming game.

44:30 – Gary from Australia wants to know about the logistics of putting games on sale.

48:45 – Are from Norway wants to know if we had a time machine, would we kill Hitler. The answer is more complex than one might forecast.

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  1. HDCP compliance = can correctly interpret HDCP signals of whatever protocol the unit is capable of (not perfectly backwards compatible) and pass those protected signals on. You kinda want that.

    But, if you want to capture game footage from the still HDCP protected PS3 or the inexcusably (still?) protected PSTV you need to try out some cute little 1×2 HDMI splitters until you find just the right one that conveniently forgets to attach protection packets. Worth it so you can find the PS3 games that aged well, and experience Tokyo Jungle outside of PS Now.

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