Episode 94 – This is How You Home Own

This episode has a lot of info on how shitty it is to own your own home, Darryl’s CEO experience, and A LOT of time is spent discussing The Witness (Topical).

Team GFB Radio – Episode 94 – This is How You Home Own

Original Air Date: June 27th, 2016

1:30 – Darryl recaps his Saturday CEO experience.

11:00 – Here’s 6 facts about Darryl he doesn’t want you to know, and the LAST ONE WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.

13:15 – Dave and Darryl talk about the pros and cons about bringing your loved ones to a FGC event.

15:15 – Darryl started playing through The Witness with his family, and he’s got some thoughts! Dave makes fun of him for playing a game featuring prominent isolationist themes with¬†your family, like they shouldn’t read anything into that at all.

27:50 – Dave gets everyone caught up on his Hitman exploits.

33:25 – Dave gives an early glimpse into his GOTY.

35:10 – The guys do research into the new Sherlock Holmes game in real-time. This is the best part of this show.

37:25 – Dave is going to Orlando for the express purpose of making fun of Darryl in person.

40:00 РDave had some yard work to finish, and Dave has an update on his chore progress from a few shows ago (this is the worst part of the show).

51:00 – Dave learns how to use a Demolition Hammer via this video. Incidentally that’s the same hammer he rented.

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