Episode 93 – Bloody Mary’s All Around

After a brief hiatus, the bespoke show notes make a triumphant return! In case its unclear these are the said notes. This is what triumph looks like. How long will they be here for? Who can say. Just shut up and enjoy these notes.

The guys talk Father’s Day, fitness, air drones, and lots and lots and lots of E3 stuff coming hot on the heels of Dave’s most recent sojourn to the worst place on Earth.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 93 – Bloody Mary’s All Around

Original Air Date: June 19th, 2016

1:30 – The guys kick it about Father’s Day for a hot minute. Dave is the better dad (duh).

3:30 – Darryl got a drone for Father’s Day. How did its maiden flight go? LISTEN AND FIND OUT!

8:15 – Dave and Darryl tell the sordid history between Iron Galaxy and drones with cameras. Dave learns a lesson about physics.

11:00 – The guys have a brief digression about Drone Races. Don’t know why but this happened.

14:35 – Dave asks Darryl how things are going in Orlando in the wake of the city’s recent tragedies.

19:45 – Dave get’s Darryl up to speed with the latest on the Team GFB Radio Fitness Group. If you have aspirations of not being a big human turd like Dave go join.

21:45 – Darryl went to Sea World, and we don’t want to spoil anything, but brace yourselves for a doozy of a story.

29:30 – Dave provides a lengthy retelling of his week at E3.

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