Episode 89 – How To Dig A Hole

Darryl and Dave are reunited, and the results are, frankly, a mixed bag.

Dave did some yard work, and for reasons that aren’t entirely clear decided to lead off the podcast with stories of said chore. Darryl saw Angry Birds and Ratchet and Clank and regrets both choices. The guys played some games (Darryl: Uncharted and some dumb Scrabble knock off, Dave: Cool Games lyke DOOM, Galactic Civilizations III, and Forza) and talk at length about the Golden Age of platformers.

If you made it through those segments you’re in luck, because the emails are actually on point this week. ScallyCap enumerates what he loves about GFB! Chris from Wyoming checks in! Chris has some questions about living in Salt Lake! Toby is a creeper! Doug from Korea puts Dave from Portland on Blasters! Ryan wants to know how to balance family and career (spoiler: trick your partner)!

Team GFB Radio – EpisodeĀ 89 – How To Dig A Hole

Original Air Date: May 23th, 2016

2:05 – Dave did some yard work, and this podcast is off to an amazing start!

9:10 – We get caught up with Darryl. He saw Angry Birds, Ratchet & Clank, and played some Uncharted. One out of three ain’t bad.

11:00 – The guys go over the golden ageĀ of PS2 platformers, and their experiences therein.

25:30 – Dave gets us caught up with his business, and it’s BOOMIN. Forza, DOOM, Galactic Civilizations III.

35:10 – Dave is doing commentary for the Mystery Game tournament for the upcoming Combo Breaker and he is EXCIED.

38:30 – Email time! ScallyCap lists the things he loves about GFB.

42:05 – Friend of the Show Chris from Wyoming checks in with a critique of one of Dave’s previous answers. Dave doesn’t care.

44:00 – Chris is curious about Salt Lake City. Dave lived there for almost eight years and has some thoughts.

48:45 – Toby wants to know if it’s easier to stalk a Blind person or a Deaf person. Dave upsets Darryl with his answer.

54:00 – Doug from Korea lauds Dave from Portland with praise.

55:55 – Ryan wants to know how the dudes balance family and career matters. Dave comes very close to offering super salient advice. So close.


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