Episode 88 – Travel Besties

Dave was traveling and CCGesus had a busy weekend so we’ve got a pinch-hitter this show. Friend of GFB, Kelly Wallick (@kellywallick) steps in with an energy not often seen from the remote chair of Team GFB Radio. This is a #CertifiedBanger.

Kelly and Dave discuss travel, both fake and factual Chemistry, The Witcher III, and Kelly’s experiences working on the event-side of the game’s industry. Dave also rips into Boulder, CO for no good reason other than he’s a real asshole.

Team GFB Radio – EpisodeĀ 88 – Travel Besties

Original Air Date: May 16th, 2016

1:00 – We don’t have CCGesus for this show, but we do have Kelly Wallick of ye olde Indie Mega Booth fame.

2:30 – Who the hell is Kelly Wallick? Let’s find out!

4:45 – Dave doesn’t know anything about Chemistry, but he tries to stump Former Professional Chemist Kelly nevertheless. One out of three isn’t bad.

9:15 – The friendship of Dave and Kelly has an origin story! What you’re about to hear is 100% true and actually happened exactly as is retold herein.

14:45 – What’s prepping for a show like Bit Summit like? LET’S FIND OUT!

18:45 – Curious about submitting to the Indie Mega Booth for your fledgling Indie title? Peep this segment, fam.

21:45 – Dave tries to leverage Kelly’s extensive European travel experience into an informed decision about where he should go next. HE REMAINS UNDECIDED.

24:00 – Despite this solid premise for a segment, Kelly and Dave rathole talking about international art museums for too long. Stay tuned through this, I swear it’s worth it.

31:05 – Dave digs into Boulder, Colorado for reasons that don’t hold up to intense scrutiny.

35:25 – Kelly and Dave talk The Witcher III. Super topical, we know, but we like the game so shut it. Also: HOW GOOD IS GWENT?

59:45 – Email time! First email is from Jack and he’s curious about the top-5 toilets we’ve done business in. Turns out they are all in Japan.

1:04:10 – A listener who’s asked to remain anonymous is starting at what they describe as a “Destination Game Studio.” What tips do we have for them? Listen and find out.

1:10:40 – Richard from Canada is curious about our opinions on Crunch. We got you Bae!

1:23:30 – Kelly accidentally reveals that she’s never actually listened to the show.

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