Episode 87 – For All The Moms Out There

Yo, I hear you’re in the market for bespoke, hand-crafted show notes.

(You nod, weakly)

We got you. We got you. Just go down this alley.

(You don’t move forward, and make eye contact with original speaker)

Homie, we got you. Just go down there, it’s all good.

(With that weak endorsement in hand you shuffle off, fate firmly in hand)

(You get to the end of the alley, there’s a dude in a tuxedo with a flower in his jacket)

(You approach)

(You are now close)

(Water bursts from the guy’s flower and hits you in the face)

For reasons that aren’t clear you crane your neck to the heavens, steel your will, and shout “Happy Mother’s Day, Trick!”

Team GFB Radio – Episode 87 – For All The Moms Out There

Original Air Date: May 9th, 2016

1:15 – Darryl and Dave talk Mother’s Day, and give and awkward thanks to all the Moms out there.

4:30 – Darryl and Dave talk about their trip to Microsoft; it’s a lot of privileged whining about how hard business travel is, in summary wa wa wa.

18:00 – It’s the Team GFB Radio Hip Hop Minute, wherein Dave forces his tastesĀ in Hip Hop down your throat.

19:30 – Dave gushes for a hot minute about the new Hitman game.

32:00 – Dave comes up for air to endorse 80 Days as a Certified Banger of a travel game.

34:30 – James want’s to know what’s good in the hood (Orlando). NOT TOPICAL ADVICE. The guys spend way too much time answering this.

44:30 – Nicolas wants to know about breaking into the game industry from web development. Dave also plans his international travels.

53:25 – Juice from TX has a super informed question about where to setup studios. TOO INFORMED IF YOU ASK ME.



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  1. The Orlando Eye is interesting because from the top you can see all the other theme park rides you’d rather be at.

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