Episode 86 – The PAX East After Party

It’s a good, old-timey, GFB Radio show where Darryl and Dave are back on Skype where they belong!

Darryl starts off with a story of home improvement gone awry, and a tale of Dutch shipping heroics the likes of which you have never heard.

Dave jumps into an (unintentionally long) story about parenting woes, and the day-in day-out rigors of raising kids who have no problem lying to your face.

Then, finally, like a beam of light setting an otherwise bleak landscape ablaze, the guys recap PAX. Booth setup promlems? #GOTEM. PAXAMANIA stories? #GOTEM? Let’s Rank It and meet-up recap? Yeah, son, you know we got those for days.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 86 – The PAX East After Party

Original Air Date: May 2nd, 2016

2:45 – Darryl story time! He goes full Bob Villa, and NO ONE should go full Bob Villa.

16:50 – Dave story time! He goes full crummy Dad! Dave goes over home schooling, and punishing children who lie to your face.

33:10 – Okay, enough of that personal garbage! Onto PAX stories. Dave gets it rolling with some booth set-up woes, predictably, roll into Unfortunately Timed Drinking.

45:15 – PAX proper begins, and Dave details some cool stuff they did at the booth, PAXAMANIA shenanigans, and random accounts of how Saturday nights up and done got off the rails.

58:10 – The guys talk about the Let’s Rank It! panel, which we both feel was a rousing success (even with all the Rookie of the Year and Windjammers talk. Still a good time), and get into the GFB meet-up (which totally ruled!) Thanks to all the CCGs that came out for the panel and the meet-up.

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