Episode 84 – PAX BOUND!

It’s a Lang-only, email- heavy show this week so if that’s not your cup of tea…too late, Trick, you already downloaded it! Thanks and sorry not sorry.

If you’re hitting up PAX East in a few days definitely listen to the beginning of this show as Lang goes over all GFB-related dealings at PAX East.

Aside from that lots of emails get answered. Some are good, some aren’t, and one is genuinely regrettable. Which ones are which? Who can say.





Actually, and this is a technicality, really, you could say. You just need to listen to this episode.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 84 – PAX BOUND!

Original Air Date: April 18th, 2016

1:30 – Dave talks about what’s going down at PAX East.

8:00 – First email! Bryan is proof positive what committing to a Platform of Excellence can get you.

10:50 – Todd overshares a bit, and wants to know our best urinating while drunk story.

15:45 – Leighty wants to know if we’d ever leak stuff about cancelled games.

22:10 – Race wants some tips on how to fit in at fancy shindigs.

27:35 – Someone too cowardly to sign their emails wants to know our favorite buffets. Makes one wonder, you know?

33:40 – Own wants to know if CCGesus will show up to PAX West. No. The answer is no.

35:30 – Brian from KY is curious about common questions given to programmers during interviews.

39:05 – Rob starts making his first game. Finish, Rob, the magic is in how you finish.

44:30 – YJ is starting a podcast and wants some tips.

50:30 – Alex wants to know if Dave is going to the Canadian GP, and general tips on attending F1.

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  1. I want to see full suit Dave. When my body works the way I want it to with weather I’m full thrift-store suit buttoned up and looking the most fancy all the way from 5F (with a scarf) to 85F. (I like to save money, screw dropping €80 on dailywear when I can get an old slightly off-size piece for €4)

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