Episode 80 – CCGesus

It’s a solo show for Lang, as he failed to do any interviews whilst at GDC. He answered a bunch of emails, read some iTunes reviews, and in general did his best not to make a mockery of the Platform of Excellence that has been established for the show. This is validated with some iTunes reviews, including one that dubbed Darryl Wisner as CCGesus, a.k.a. the greatest nickname of all time (which up until now belonged to Dominique Wilkins, a.k.a. the Human Highlight Reel and Dave’s college acquaintance Big Breakfast).

Team GFB Radio – Episode 80 – CCGesus

Original Air Date: March 18th, 2016

3:30 – Corey writes in with a food reco for Berkley, and wants to know what we think about Dredd.

9:00 – Chris from Wyoming writes because, sure, why not.

10:10 – Maria X writes in wondering if she did Vegas wrong? It was boring.

15:00 – C wants more Midway stories (he worked there too!). Dave has a general thought on Midway.

18:15 – Dave in Ottawa has issues with Dave’s region based vernacular re: scary, poutine, and other various points.

23:40 – Tyler wants to know if Dave saw K.Flay when she was in town back in November.

25:15 – Ian’s email makes Dave discuss Count Chocula, Booberies, and video game art portfolios.

30:50 – Pat O’Day writes in asking can he edit the podcast. Dave has thoughts.

34:30 – Ron from Ashburn asks about the differences between regular development jobs and video game dev jobs.

41:45 – Dan from Boston asks for more Vegas tips. Dress up at all times.

43:30 – Matt in Japan wants to know if GFB is gender-neutral. Dave isn’t sure, he’s still figuring it out himself, tbh.

48:00 – Dave reads some iTunes reviews, including one with the best Nickname of all time in it (CCGesus).

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