Episode 79 – How Are Your Rock Features?

Dave is in Orlando and this podcast was recorded at Casa de Wisner. It’s an email heavy show, but Darryl does talk about some shenanigans he saw off of Orange Ave. while walking to work one day, and we’re all worse for hearing that story.

Then the guys start to work through the email backlog. I won’t bore you with all the details, but the guys touch on lots of different topics: Genital dreads, software unit tests, RUN GFB, Dave being way too drunk at the Giant Bomb PAX Prime party, etc. you get the gist of it.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 79 – How Are Your Rock Features?

Original Air Date: March 11th, 2016

4:00 – Dave gets Darryl caught up on last week’s show that he wasn’t on.

8:30 – Darryl was put in a tough spot in the mean Orlando streets…and, predictably, he came up weak.

15:30 – Email time! First email is from Marvin. Marvin wants to know if regular-ass programming jobs will prepare him in any way for developing video games.

22:25 – Gary wants to know if we had anything to do with TNA Impact! (no we, didn’t, not really).

26:00 – Friend of the Show Chris from Wyoming writes in with an Important email! Turns out he didn’t actually want to know anything, but Dave goes on a RUN GFB rant regardless.

27:25 – Michael McBreen wants to know if we use Unit Tests. Nope, they don’t make sense for Game Development so that ill-considered response pretty much makes it a fact.

34:15 – David from Montreal wants to know if we’ve ever encountered any weird driver/compiler bugs. Oddly enough, yes, and they made us men.

45:10 – Someone wanted to remain anonymous, so I reverse traced his IP and found out it was actually PRESIDENT OBAMA I SHIT YOU NOT.

47:15 – Aaron writes in with some corrections from when we talked about the upcoming Star Wars attractions at Disney.

50:15 – Ben writes in to make fun of Dave, and in true indie-dev form, comes up short. Feel free to try again Ben.

55:05 – Andy from Pittsburg writes in to reminisce about the Giant Bomb/Gamespot party at PAX Prime last August.

1:00:00 – Wes from Normal Illinois writes in to discuss genital hygiene.

1:03:15 – Last email! Ryan writes in with a brief comparison between Hideo Kojima and Dave Lang.

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