Episode 77 – The Halo Crab Thing

Hello Everyone! After a week of radio silence the guys are back and better than ever.

First, they start with a heartfelt apology about last week. They tried their best, they failed, and you picked them up. Sorry/Thank You.

The guys then plug the first ever Team GFB Play Date (info here), Dave talks about The Witness (again), before launching into an extended travelogue from his trip to SF.

Darryl had an unexpected trip to Chicago while Dave was out, and his visit coincided with a company Bender, and he did it real big.

They guys wrap the show with four STRONG emails, and manage to plug their PAX East panel in their answers (they are pros).

Team GFB Radio – Episode 77 – The Halo Crab Thing

Original Air Date: February 29th, 2016

2:30 – The guys get their reverse APMs up. They are very sorry, turns out.

10:00 – The guys plug the GFB Play Date, Join us March 1st 2016 at 730p CST where we will play Assassins Creed Unity.

12:50 – Dave gives a quick check-in on The Witness.

16:00 – Travelogue! Dave went to SF for a Killer Instinct promotional event.

31:30 – Darryl had to come to Chicago for a quick-turn work emergency trip, and he reports back from the Mandatory Fun Hump-Day Company Bender.

42:55 – Friend of the Show Colton writes in and wants some Stack Ranks. WE GOT YOU BAE.

49:00 – Owen from Ballard wants to know about my WHAT’S GOOD <CITY NAME HERE>!!! tweets.

53:35 – Scallycap wants to know if we have any arbitrary, incendiary opinions about seemingly harmless things.

58:30 – Dave reads an email from Juan G, who gets things off on the wrong foot with an unfortunate Guy Fieri reference.

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