Episode 74 – Unload The Toad

This episode should be titled: Hey go review the show on iTunes, because that’s all we care about this week.

Darryl starts off the show by trying to explain what shipping a game is like for the listeners, Lang attempts to help with a fairly tenuous Shipping analogy.

Then, Dave talks about going to Austin, which of course means this week’s show has a heaping helping of Kraig impersonations in it. You’re welcome in advance. Kraig took Dave the the sexual nexus of Austin, and Dave still doesn’t know what “sexual nexus” means.

Dave talks a lot of PAX, and Summer Slam; he interviewed some people involved with the show, if you’re into behind the scenes PAX Wrestling info.

Darryl then goes over the glory that was the Killer Instinct World Cup, which basically went about as well as anyone could reasonably hope for.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 74 – Unload The Toad

Original Air Date: February 5th, 2016

1:20 – Darryl tries to explain the dog days of video game development, a.k.a. shipping games is hard.

9:45 – Dave starts to chronicle his trip to Austin and San Antonio. Tuesday night one waitress took advantage of his poor eyesight. Let’s never speak of this again.

16:30 – Dave and Darryl ponder what the term “sexual nexus” actually means.

18:50 – Dave gets offered coke. Pretty sure it was a cop.

22:30 – The IG Austin crew hits up Freedmen’s Bar for BBQ, and go drinking on Raney St.

27:00 – Dave discovers Bucee’s, and his life is changed forever.

29:45 – Dave plugs his Snapchat.

32:30 – Dave talks Friday at PAX.

39:30 – Let’s talk some PAX Wrestling Summer Slam with Aaron Trites.

43:00 – Let’s jump into the Baer cave with Pat Baer.

47:00 – Let’s round out the interview section with Khahil Wight.

51:30 – Darryl starts to talk Killer Instinct World Cup. It was super fun!

1:02:00 – Dave had a run-in with Enemy of Show; gets iced.

1:08:30 – Dave starts playing the Witness, is filled with Perplexing Surprise.


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