Episode 73 – Ride The Snail

In what can only be described as “fashionably late,” Episode 73 shows up to perplex and surprise you.

Lang speed talks for 60 minutes in this one, mostly because Darryl elected to not contribute. Topics covered include but are not limited to: Honey, Bees, The Witcher 3, honeycomb, Who’s Your Daddy, Mario Maker, Killer Queen, Turbo Bears, and much much more.

Later the guys talk about Adam Boyes’ reaction to the Witcher 3, PAX, KI Cup, and answer some emails. Huzzah, it’s the episode you never knew you wanted.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 73 – Ride The Snail

Original Air Date: January 29th, 2016

1:15 – It’s the first #TeamGFBRadio Full Disclosure Minute, wherein Dave didn’t know we had some recording problems and didn’t disclose that fact.

2:00 – The guys give some advice to the developers of Who’s Your Daddy.

4:00 – Dave is dumbstruck by Darryl’s lack of business experience. This is for reasons we can’t discuss due to #privacyconcerns.

5:30 – In a desperate attempt to fill an hour Dave talks a shit ton about The Witness, The Witcher 3, Bees, Honey (yuck), Killer Queen, eating honey comb, worker bees, and in non-bee related news Secret Hitler and Twilight Struggle. Twist: this segment doesn’t last an hour.

13:45 – Darryl wakes up long enough to ask a Killer Queen question. Dave provides a long-form answer, BECAUSE HE’S SO INTERESTING TO LISTEN TO.

25:30 – The guys react to Adam Boyes’ reaction to The Witness.

28:55 – Dave talks about his (then upcoming) trip to Austin and San Antonio for PAX South and the Killer Instinct World Cup.

32:20 – Dave talks Darryl into hitting up Jerk┬áto get on the best Mac & Cheese of all time.

34:15 – Dave talks about some more game stuff, namely: Ori, Rayman, Mario Maker, and more Witcher 3.

42:25 – First Mate Dookie writes in wondering why it’s 2016 and everything still sucks.

47:00 – Cole wants to know what to do in Chicago for his twenty-first birthday. FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK COLE, DAVE HAS SOME THOUGHTS ON THIS TOPIC.

53:00 – Enemy of the show Harris Foster writes in with some AC Unity codes, and Dave goes on to let Harris know he’s going to Austin and has no intention of hitting him up (muhaaa).

1:03:45 – The guys apologize for posting the show later than normal. I wonder if they really meant it.

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