Episode 70 – Dave Got Iced… Again

Turns out when you do an episode without a coherent theme, typing up show notes is kind of a chore. Imagine trying to tie together such disparate concepts/activities as the Plants v. Zombies board game, Witcher 3, fancy wine gadgets, and getting iced.


If we had achieved this feat we would have received a Pulitzer Prize, I shit you not. Our genius would have been recognized on the global stage. But, instead, we have what you’re reading now.

Oh! They also spent forever on emails. Why did I even get out of bed today?

Team GFB Radio – Episode 70 – Dave Got Iced… Again

Original Air Date: January 8th, 2016

2:45 – It’s the first ever Team GFB Radio Wine Snob minute.

11:00 – Darryl got a Plants v. Zombies board game, and the guys talk board games for a bit.

17:35 – Dave fired up Witcher 3 and Ori and the Blind Forest.

19:30 – Brief Ori spoilers start here.

20:45 – Spoilers end here, and the guys give a Sherlock Holmes update.

23:00 – Lang got iced again.

27:30 – If you work at Iron Galaxy, turn down your radios now please.

31:45 – The guys do some emails. Alex Shea writes in and has some questions about audio stuff in video game development.

37:45 – Adam wants to know if he bought 10M copies of an older game, would anyone even notice? Would that be enough to make a sequel?

40:05 – Paul from Texas wants to know if Dave can be his new dad.

42:00 – Evan starts off with a weak acronym, but recovers with a good question about how people make beats.

49:40 – Raul from Belgium writes in, and Dave forgets the “Worldwide” bit. Also, he wants to talk about how crappy it is to go bald.

55:10 – Colton confirms that Best Buy is the Best Place to buy video capture gear.

57:25 – Wes from Bloomington-Normal sends a mail that he probably regrets.

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  1. Speaking of ProTools: It is a huge plus if you know it, but don’t worry about its cost, there is the 100% free though slightly bloated-feeling Pro Tools First available from Avid since last year.

    No VST support, but no problem using external hosts for them. The next best alternative is the $60 private license Reaper which is making its way into both industry and education. Put work into it if you want to get into the industry, it’s like putting programming languages or special licenses on your CV!

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