Episode 68 – The Son Of Big Breakfast

The guys got on their Sunday night recording grind for you, dear listeners, for you. They hope you enjoy the result.

They guys spend a lot of time discussing past Holiday parties, so if you’re not into that maybe consider just skipping to the twenty-six minute mark? If, however, Holiday Parties align with your personal brand then this is a show for you. Starting around the four-minute mark Dave talks about the historic shortcomings of Iron Galaxy Orlando Holiday parties….until this year when they’ve snatched the “Best Holiday Party of all Time” crown from Iron Galaxy Chicago’s 2010 banger. Before you can protest this claim: It’s not even close.

Darryl dove head-long into the Steam ecosystem over Holiday break, and fell in love with Gone Home. Dave then discussed getting sick after Christmas, and he’s son’s dark voyage into the breakfast sandwich subculture.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 68 – The Son Of Big Breakfast

Original Air Date: December 27th, 2015


1:45 – The guys start off right where they left off, post-recording episode 67.

4:10 – Dave builds a strong case that no one from IGO is career-oriented.

10:00 – Dave catches Darryl stealing money from him, and sings him a new, beautiful song he made up on the spot.

11:00 – The guys start to recap the IGO Holiday Party, and Dave details the sordid Holiday Party history of IGO.

19:45 – I guess Ramon gave a speech at the party? Did that happen? I guess it did.

26:00 – Darryl gets into PC games, somehow?

38:00 – Gone Home spoilers begin.

40:15 – Gone Home spoilers end.

41:30 – They guys talk about Steam’s problems over break, and Dave explains SteamSpy to Darryl.

46:35 – Dave sneaks in a zinger on Darryl, and then talks about his United Premier status for a bit. Turns out he’s salty about it.

50:20 – Dave got “backed up ” after Christmas.

52:30 – Darryl’s daughter inspires him to dive into Pixel Art tools.

56:45 – Dave talks about his son getting a Hamilton Beach sandwich maker, and his oldest daughter’s first foray into social media.

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