Episode 67 – The Force Was Not With Frank N Steins

This show is split up into three distinct parts:

Part 1: Small talk with Dave and Darryl. The guys talk about some immutable laws of game dev, the Orlando Team GFB meet-up, and some light game chat.

Part 2: Dave does a solo email session, and realizes he ruined an otherwise lovely Anniversary present for a CCG.

Part 3: Star Wars Spoiler Cast.

(We forgot to do a GFB at the end of the show, and the guys have never been more ashamed).

Team GFB Radio – Episode 67 – The Force Was Not With Frank N Steins

Original Air Date: December 18th, 2015

5:00 – After a lengthy preamble Dave shares two of Mefford’s Laws of Game Development.

7:25 – The guys go over the debacle that was the Orlando Team GFB meet-up. They learned two valuable lessons: 1) Call the venue first to make sure they are open 2) Don’t schedule against Star Wars.

13:55 – Dave complains about travel. What a baby.

16:00 – The guys talk Assassins Creed Unity, Fallout 4, and Her Story.

23:55 – Dave does some solo emails. First up is Juan G who puts #DWiz on blasters.

25:40 – Friend of the show Keir makes his last appearance on the show.

29:05 – Danielle wants a signed picture for her husband. As I’m writing the show notes I’m realizing we blew her secret. Sorry.

30:10 – Corey from Berkley wants to know something Dave can’t help him with. Why did he read this email, then? He’s a tease! That’s why!

33:25 – Dave from Detroit doesn’t know how acronyms work.


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  1. Ufo catchers are a sega brand of claw machine in japan. They probably exist outside japan too but I only know them from shenmue.

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