Episode 66 – Team GFB Presents: Dave Lang and the CCG All-Star Spectacular

The entirety of this show was recorded live from the Playstation Experience, where Dave interviewed a metric ton of CCGs. He started off talking with Playstation’s Matt Kessler, but was quickly ambushed by CBSi’s Jeff Gerstmann mid-interview. Please savor this chat, as we suspect it will be the last time Matt will be allowed to speak on Playstation’s behalf.

After getting Matt to roll over on several business partners, Dave and Jeff chat up Matt’s boss, Gio Corsi of Playstation. Gio is a show veteran, and comports himself with an unusual dignity and flair. From Gio we roll right into Friend of the Show Keir, where he and Dave basically agree on what it would be like if they were to play a game of American 21. Post-Keir, Dave talks to Adriel Wallick about the joys of living in Amsterdam, and making games on trains.

Things get serious when Dave finds Dose One for a discussion on fist fights in Philly, music and sound production, and other heady issues of the day. Immediately after that, Dave bumped into Dan Teasdale and Panzer of No Goblin, who were still riding the high from their new game, 100 Robot Feet, being announced during the PSX Keynote.

Dave wraps up the podcast by chatting with Kahlief Adams from Spawn on Me, where they come up with a great idea for a new show they will never do, and Isaac Torres whom you all will quickly forget as he didn’t bring his A-game.


Team GFB Radio – Episode 66 – Team GFB Presents: Dave Lang and the CCG All-Star Spectacular

Original Air Date: December 11th, 2015

2:00 – Dave and CBSi’s Jeff Gerstmann (@jeffgerstmann) interview SCEA’s Matt Kessler (@MattBodega) and, in a shocking turn of events, Matt goes heel on several business partners. RIP, Matt’s career.

10:45 – Dave and Jeff interview SCEA’s Gio Corsi (@giocorsi) about what Matt just said, because Jeff and Dave couldn’t believe what happened.

17:15 – Dave chats up Friend of the Show Keir Miron (@KeirMiron) about Darkest Dungeon, and Dave speculates how a game of American 21 between Dave and Keir would go (PS, Dave wins 21-0).

27:50 – Dave converses with Adriel Wallick (@MsMinotaur) about her several projects (Train Jam, Game A Week), as well as what it’s like to be an ex-pat in the Netherlands. Also cookies.

40:00 – Dose One (@doseonetweets) jumps behind the microphone and the dudes chat Music Production, fist fights, and Gentrification.

51:55 – Dave grabs Panzer (@panzerskank) and Dan Teasdale (@deliciousbees) talk about their new midget robot football game, and Dave comes up with an idea that might split No Goblin in twain.

59:10 – Dave catches up with Kahlief Adams (@Kahjahkins) about his podcast (Spawn on Me), X-Clan, and they come up with a new idea for a great podcast they will probably never follow-up on.

1:12:15 – We round out the show by talking to Isaac Torres (@Delriach) about how he transitioned from QA to Design at Iron Galaxy. He makes it sound easier than it is.

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