Episode 64 – Free Play, All Day

The guys pooped out this turd of a show right before Thanksgiving, so forgive them, their minds were elsewhere.

Dave starts by getting Darryl caught up on the snowfall he missed by deserting to Orlando. Classic Darryl, he actually misses snow!

Darryl takes command of the show with an epic retelling of his visit to Free Play Florida, where he checked out bunch of coin-op, pinball, and legacy home systems for a low, low entry fee (but not free, as the name of the show may suggest). He also tried to get Sexy talking about Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker…and that was a mistake.

The guys then talk about the massive stack of games they have on their plates, so if you like hearing people talk a lot about games they haven’t played yet this section is dedicated to you.

Finally, Dave talks about the last Divekick update before the guys answer a couple emails.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 64 – Free Play, All Day

Original Air Date: November 27th, 2015

1:00 – It snowed in Chicago, and Dave and Darryl realize they should switch where they live.

4:30 – Darryl went to “Free” Play Florida and checked out a bunch of coin ops. He also didn’t see Billy Mitchell.

7:15 – Darryl gets sexy describing Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker.

16:45 – Darryl talks about some old home systems he saw at the show, and Dave launches into an oddly placed anti-Jaguar rant.

23:45 – Darryl and Dave talk about all the luxuries I-Drive has to offer. THIS IS LIVING!

29:35 – Dave shares his initial impressions of Dying Light, and the guys talk about what’s next on their stack of games.

44:10 – Dave talks about the final update to Divekick. Good riddance!

47:45 – Emails! Friend of the show Hassan wants to know what it takes to stay up to date on different game engines.

54:30 – Richard wants to know about Crusin’ USA! We can’t help him there, but we do talk some Midway stuff.

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